Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Car Wreck!!!

I know...it has been forever since I've posted...most of that can be attributed to being super busy with my Etsy Shop....which has been a significant blessing, but a lot of work. Up until today I've been working 12-16 hours a day! (only wish I was exaggerating)

Life is crazy as is....but just as I thought it was finally time to relax....but we had to have a car accident. I've never been in one before...but of course the one time in our life when it would be just horrible to have a car wreck....yeah it happened!

So Sunday we went up to visit Jacob's family (we hadn't seen them since Thanksgiving...so it was time). We tried to head back as early as possible as we knew that a storm was coming in. We left his parents house at about 7:30 pm and it took us about 30-40 minutes to make it to Rexburg (usually a 10-15 minute trip). We were going 45 mph on the highway due to slush and rain/snowy conditions. We pulled off on the North Rexburg exit and started our normal journey into town. We noticed the pickup infront of us was going really slow...and we understood we were going about 30 mph in a 50 mph zone. As we got closer to the pickup I realized that they were stopped but their brake lights weren't on. I yelled at Jacob to stop and he was already braking and then we slid (with 6 inches of slush on the road....it's hard not to)....it didn't take long to realize that we weren't going to stop in time. Jacob started to steer to the right of the pickup hoping that we would miss (I'm sooo glad he was driving because I would have steered to the left...as I was sooo worried about the canal ditch on the right side of the road.)

Well we barely tapped the pickup's back right bumper and felt the crunch of our fender and that was just enough to knock our sliding car right into the ditch. We rolled onto the passenger side of the car and it was quite the roll and drop as the canal was just as deep as our car is tall. I was super tense (Jacob says I was screaming at him....but I honestly don't remember, I just remember freaking out about the kids) I was pushing with my right arm against my door and pushing my right foot down as hard as I could (as if I was slamming on the brake) I really didn't want to roll into the ditch because I was afraid that there might be some water in it.

When the car finally stopped...Jacob turned off the engine (it was revving like mad) and he tried to open his door (as it was the top of the car now). It wouldn't open so he put the key back in and got the window down. Kaylie was in her booster behind the driver seat and she was just hanging there she had the upper strap on which she never does but ironically did this time. Aaron was on my side of the car and he had been asleep until we landed and he was just looking around like "why am I sideways?" Jacob helped me get out of my seat and he climbed in the back to get the kids. We passed both our kids out of the window to some guys that were helping us (it was a horrible, helpless feeling and I hope no one ever has to do this). I got out after the kids and picked Aaron up out of the snow that was up to the poor kid's knees....(he had no idea what was happening). Jacob got out of the car and then I could finally breathe. Then the paramedics pulled up and so did the fire department and police. They closed down the road and it was a mess. I can't explain the panic to you....but it was there. We are all fine...with the exception of myself, I couldn't feel it at the time but I had whip lash and had to go to the ER for x-rays and all that fun stuff. I'm a little sore...but just happy that it ended the way it did, as it could have been so much worse.

Our car shouldn't be totaled, oddly enough the only damage was the crashed drivers side fender and headlight and the car has no damage from landing on the side other than a broken mirror. The truck we hit only had a piece of their tail light broken and that was it! Moral of the story...always wear your seat belts! Don't panic.... Insurance is not a waste! And Never say Never.... unfortunately it can happen to anyone!

I hope to get some pictures up soon!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Halloween 2010!

We were the Wizard of Oz for Halloween. Jacob was The Wizard of Oz (his costume happened literally about 5 minutes before trick or treating.) I was Glinda the Good Witch (even though every little girl that saw me thought I was a "beautiful princess". Aaron was the Cowardly Lion...I think the more appropriate word for him would be "Board to Tears Lion". He got sick of trick or treating and being dressed up pretty quick.
And Kaylie was Dorthy...and she loved every minute of this Halloween...she really thought we were the most awesome family on the block!
~Trick or Treating was Perfect....yes perfect in Rexburg!!! We didn't need coats...it's a first!
Aaron and his Aunt! ~In case you were wondering....no I did not make the costumes (Jacob made his). But other than that we got all the costumes on Ebay and Etsy for a steal! And I've been so busy I wouldn't have had the time to even think about making costumes!
The beginning of Kaylie's week long sugar high.....oh joy.....
Super Girl and Dorthy...aka....Brynnlee and Kaylie posing for the camera.
The Whole Clan on Halloween Night! What Fun!!!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

SURPRISE!!!!! David's Home!!!!

Yay!!!! David came home on Tuesday and we drove all the way to Utah to pick him up (and back in the same day....don't recommend it for two small kids...just in case you were wondering)
And so here's our funny story....we get to the airport about a half hour before his flight comes in and we have this whole skit planned out (Saturday Night Live Skit:"Surprise: I'm so Freakin' Excited Surprise Party). If you haven't seen it I've included the link for you to watch it.
~So anyhow...we follow my dad to the economy parking....in the middle of nowhere so we have to wait for the shuttle to get to the airport itself. And then the shuttle driver made several stops including to pick up a new driver which was fun.
So by the time we get in the airport to meet David is coming down the escalator already...problem because we had to put on ugly sweaters to preform our skit (it was 95 degrees outside) and the whole baggage claim area was covered with other families waiting for their missionaries. (aproximately 40-50 people there at least).
I hurry and throw my sweater on and then I realize that my family isn't going to get their's on in time and they aren't really doing anything....and poor David has this look on his face like "they're late (typical Fluckiger Style) So I ran like an idiot between a random family standing there with balloons and and posters and I yell....."SURPRISE.......I'm just so freakin' excited". And yes I made a HUGE scene and everyone was looking at me some laughing but most were concerned or confused.
David got it right away...and was laughing his head off. The reason we chose this skit is it was his favorite SNL skit before he left on his mission, and he wrote about it in several letters.

We're just so freakin excited to see each other.
Still making a huge scene....I was laughing so hard I was crying....it was pretty fun!
So here's the link....http://www.hulu.com/watch/16388/saturday-night-live-surprise-party Please go watch it....it's pretty funny!

So it's Been a While!

Okay...so I need to update a little. My sister just emailed me and told me that my blog was pathetic so here we go.....
August 12th Aaron turned 1!!!! And these pictures were taken on his B'day! So he's even bigger now! Right now the little stud is learning how to walk he's so cute about it because he will take a few steps and then clap and say "I did it, I did it!"

Okay so I've been pretty busy these past few months and for his Birthday dad was gone and it was just me and the kids. So we threw together an owl cake (look familiar??) And this was Aaron before the cake and.....
This is Aaron after. Kaylie was having a fit because he made such a mess. It took three bath tubs full to clean the 1 inch thick layer of frosting out of this guy's hair!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Catchin' Up!

Okay...It's been a month since I last posted....so know it's time to play Catch Up!
After a week of not having my computer (it crashed.....yes, I know Jacob and I have the worst luck in history...only $200 to fix) This Computer Crash was the icing on a Fantastic year!
Any hoo......I'll start from the latest and work backwards.
~Here we are at the 4th of July Parade....which was freezing! We had to show up in our coats and blankets, fireworks were the same too.
~This was the first 4th of July Parade that I can say I had Hot Chocolate. I usually have a Popsicle or smoothie, but it was so cold that when Great Harvest (who was just across the street) posted a "Hot Chocolate" Sign.....literally half the people on our side of the street ran across to get some.
Kaylie is wearing her Red, White and Blue Tutu....everyone kept calling her a 4th of July Princess (which she loved).
Here's a random picture of Aaron at Kaylie's Dance Recital in June. This poor lil guy has been teething like mad.
As of now, he has all 4 front teeth and is working on number 5....hence the face.
I'll try to post some video of her dances, as soon as I can figure out my basically "new computer".
Here's Kaylie just after her Dance Recital. She did so good....which was a sigh of relief for me, I've worked so hard over the last 6 months to help her learn her dances....and no matter how hard I worked she never seemed to get it. But once she got on stage in front of all the people, she lit up and let it out. She did so good on her first dance that it made me cry. The second dance...well she did okay, she was just really focused on the Balloon that she wanted.
I'm so proud of her, she's such a good girl, and she's been my sanity through all these awful trials.
And say Hello to my "living nightmare"....yet Jacob's "Dream Come True'. For the last several months Jacob has been working like crazy on building his Dad's GTO, which has been in pieces since before we got married.
They wanted it finished by his Dad's Birthday in May, but that didn't happen so they got it almost finished (just not running) by Father's Day. We tried to surprise his Dad with it.....but I don't think his Dad can ever be surprised....oh well. It's running now of course.
And I'll admit it is very nice....but I still hate it
(I call this car 'the other woman', as Jacob disappears for days at a time to work on it).
Oh well, I'm glad it's done and running. And Jacob and his Dad have been like kids in a Candy Store ever since.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Oh So Blessed!

Even though the past couple days haven't been the best.....
  • Sunday: I was as sick as a dog....thank you allergies.
  • Monday: Kaylie bit another girl in her dance class on the eye....nice.
  • Tuesday: It rained, like it has been for the last several days.
  • Wednesday: Kaylie spent 3/4ths of the day in Time Out.
  • Thursday: I was puked on by Aaron, very randomly.
  • Friday: I held a sick, crying kid all day long.
  • Saturday: Aaron's still sick, and I'm a week behind on laundry, dishes, cleaning and just about everything else in my life.

Even though all these and more happened this week, I just feel blessed!

I guess it was cause I got to meet up with a few of my High School girl friends.....and they always brighten up my week. Thanks gals...love ya!

Sure we still have no idea where exactly life will take us in the next year, and there's a million other problems in life, I'm content...I feel like I'm where I belong.

So thanks to all of you out there who are keeping us in your thoughts and prayers...we still have a LONG way to go, but we know that sooner or later we will get there.

Hope life is being kind to all of you!

Monday, May 31, 2010

Celebrating Memorial Day!

Here's some pics of our annual Memorial Day Visit, in honor of those who have passed on. Gotta love Kaylie's smile! Can't blame her because although it looks nice, it was freezing!
Kaylie loved placing flowers on each grave.

One Crazy Week!

Last week was a Super fun week because Kaylie and Aaron's cousins came up from Colorado, for Steven's Graduation! (Can't believe he's that old already).
~They had one loaded week of fun and playing!
~On Friday we went to the Zoo! Even though it was raining like crazy the clouds parted and the sun came out just in time for our visit. It was perfect! All the animals were out and about!
~Here's Kaylie by the flamingos....she decided that they were definitely her favorites! (Of course that's a given because she loves pink....like Barbie).
Here's Kaylie, Aaron and Katelyn sitting on the Tiger....it was funny because coming around the corner my dad jumped because he thought it was real!
Kaylie finally got brave enough to take a drink out of the lion's mouth....it only took 3 Zoo Trips!
Kaylie and "Woo-see" (Lucy) riding the Lion!
I was so excited to get this picture! These two kept starting up lil fights with each other, and I waited by their cage forever to get this picture!
They were obviously getting hungry!
This Lion was HUGE!!!! Pictures just never do lions justice....they are so majestic!
Cute Baby Zebra and mom!
Tiger, out enjoying the sunshine for the first time in.....what seems like forever (what is the deal with all this rain???)
Congrats Steven! Here he is walking! Pictures are so impossible at graduations....aren't they?
Ohhh, look at the new Grad....he couldn't care less (although I'm sure he's glad it's over!)

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

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Saturday, May 15, 2010

No Going Back!!!!

Kaylie's hair has been getting super long and I've cut it several times before. But I could tell that the curl was getting cut off so I've been delaying the major chop until today. When she was in the tub this morning she was sitting on her hair, and then I decided that the time has come...
So here's a before. Which really doesn't do it justice because it was already curling on the ends...her hair is(was) down to her bum.
And After....5 inches gone.....and I want to cry!!!! Jacob's gone and I'm afraid that he's going to kill me when he gets home.
Here's her hair that I want to glue back on!
All dry and done....did I make a mistake? All day I've wanted to go back and only cut off an inch, but it was time. I couldn't get a comb through it...and it will grow back.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My lil' Stinker

Can you believe that this lil stinker is 9 months old? He's such a lady killer!
Let me tell you a little about Aaron:
Aaron likes football, stacking cups, balls and blond girls (he really loves blonds.)
He is learning how to crawl, right now he only really crawls backward and rolls all over the place. He's into everything all the time!

Aaron LOVES food. Especially Graham Crackers, Cheerios and as of Mother's Day....bottles (formula...finally!!!)
He loves to stay up all night, make huge messes, scream, pull Kaylie's hair, and spit up all over her. And he loves it when she gets in trouble....it makes him laugh.
He's a true lil brother I guess....gotta love him!

Monday, May 10, 2010

What happened to Common Courtesy???

Over the past few weeks I'm noticing a HUGE lack of customer service/courteous people...is it just me??? Maybe I'm sensitive to it because I worked in Customer Service for 6 years!

~Let me share a few examples.....(this is long, and again you don't have to read it)

1. Every time I go to "a local store" to get fabric I have had to wait for about 20 minutes (at very least) to get any attention or help. Okay, that's fine....once....maybe. But this has happen repeatedly.
~One time there was an employee that was standing in the isle visiting with her friends and I kept motioning to her to come over and help me, she was staring at me forever and even smiled at me....but totally ignored me...so annoying. I always end up going over the electronics desk and asking for help and this was the response I got last time....."Ummm, all the fabric people are clocked out." (He gets a look from me saying "soooooo?".) Then he rolls his eyes at me and snaps at the other guy at the desk to help me. Note: neither one of them was doing anything. I just thought this was so rude!

2. We recently got forced to get our "TV service" hooked up again, even though we can't afford it and don't want it (I don't really watch TV). Odd as it is, the customer service was awesome in Utah, and they let us suspend and told us we could suspend as long as we need to. But all the sudden in Idaho the customer service is non-existent!
~They call me up and demand $400 or that we get our service hooked up asap. Not only that, they've taken away half our channels and they are forcing us into a higher/more expensive package per month (ignoring our original contract).
~And the guy that came over to hook it up unplugged all our other electronics and we had to have another guy come the next day so we could get our DVD player and everything else to work with our TV. No one there is even slightly interested in helping us at all....and all I have to say is......I'm NEVER using this provider again....(wanna know who...just ask...I'd love to tell you...hehehehehe).

3. I ordered something through the Internet and I was charged $2 extra on my shipping through PayPal, I wasn't given any other options to change the shipping, and on the listing I bought the shipping price clearly wasn't the price I was charged.
~So I called PayPal (who has Great Customer Service BTW) and they told me it was the way the seller had set it up. I contact the seller several days ago....very politely might I add. I explained my situation and that I didn't want to give them negative feedback, but I would like to see this "glitch" solved. No response until yesterday, they refunded the $2 and proceeded to blame the whole situation on me, and what I picked for shipping .....they go on to say.... "but in the name of customer service we've refunded your money, even though it was the shipping you picked" (there was no other option, hence the reason I contacted PayPal and this business).
~Well, turns out that after reading through their feedback, this isn't the first time it has happened, everyone else had to just eat it, so I'm a lucky one I guess. Just made me mad!

4. I had a customer a few weeks back that was very picky, they made me set up a whole different order for them and totally slash the shipping for them (in retrospect: shouldn't have done it, red flags all over that situation). ~Well when she gets her item she gave me bad feedback saying that it was a different fabric than what she expected (even though she typed the title to me which included the fabric) and then she goes on to say she would have never paid that much for the item if she had paid attention to the fabric. And that's my fault how? It hurt my feelings because this "item" she didn't like took me well over an hour to make.
~So because I'm one of the few people left on the face of this planet with a customer service mentality, I contacted her and offered her a free gift of her choice, she replied "ok I guess I want this....." I sent it, and no thanks, no nothing in response....of course.
~The feedback was changed (had to be) but I feel like she left bad feedback knowing the whole system and that I would try to make it up to her. It's one of those situations that I totally feel taken advantage of, and I'm still perturbed over....oh well, I did everything I could to make it right, even though it clearly wasn't in my control.

5. Here's a positive example! A few weeks ago I had to take Aaron to the Doctor for an ear infection and then go to the pharmacy to pick up an antibiotic.
~Needless to say...Aaron was a crabby mess, he was crying and super cranky. I'm outside the pharmacy and trying to traffic Kaylie into the store (who was all over the place singing about whatever). I was up all night for a week with Aaron and I looked it, so I'm sure I looked like a train wreck to everyone around. Anyway, as I was walking to the store and I was about 30 ft away and this guy (very scary biker guy, with a long beard and wife-beater shirt on) stopped in front of the automatic door and waited for me to walk in.....WHAT A GENTLEMEN!!!! I thought, even though he was scary looking, what a good guy. He said "Hello" to me and "hi cutie" to Kaylie. I was floored....so there are nice people left in this world, and they are never who you'd expect.
~Through all this I've learned a valuable lesson......'Do unto others as you would have done to you'.....and mean people are a dime a dozen. Even though nice people, the people who go out of their way to be polite may be few in number, but they stand out.
~I will forget these people who were less than friendly but I will never for get the "Scary looking nice guy at the pharmacy." And I'm definitely learning not to judge a book by its cover!
~Also I'm trying double hard to teach Kaylie to be polite, and to think of others first....because if we all did that just imagine how much better life would be!

Saturday, May 8, 2010


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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

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Follow Up on My Wisdom Teeth Experience!

So It's been Two Weeks to the day since I got my teeth out....and I'm still sore, obviously not as bad as I was, and I have lost 10 lbs and I still have no appetite....(startin' to feel like a drama queen, now I see why they take them out younger)....gees.
~I had to go back into the Dentist yesterday, because on Saturday I realized that a piece of one of my teeth was still in! And it was super sharp....it was cutting my cheek every time I talked or ate. (So sick of the taste of blood).
~So they had me come in, they say its pretty common to have left over bone fragments afterwards and they said since it was buggin' me they'd pull it out. (I tried having Jacob pull it out on Saturday, with no success....and it hurt so bad I'm still surprised I didn't punch him in the face...every time he pulled it would shoot pain up into my head, yes I cried like a baby.)
~Long story short...it wasn't part of my tooth, it was part of my jaw....so every time they pulled no wonder it hurt. They chipped off the tip, so it's not sharp and it's already starting to heal....finally I can see life returning back to normal.
BTW- Thanks for all your stories, it helps to know I'm not alone!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Wisdom Teeth....Your Experience?

So I'm sure that a lot of you know that I just got my wisdom teeth out a week ago, and it really wasn't that bad when I got them out.....

-But now a week later, I'm still having a lot of trouble eating. My jaw hurts really bad, and it feels like the dentist might have put a stitch in my cheek, so I have a hard time talking still.

-I went to my little sis's track meet yesterday and there was this lady sitting next to us eating some fast food and she was like flaunting it (ok maybe not flaunting it, but to me it felt that way) I wanted to grab her food and throw it in her face, just because I wanted it soooo bad. (I would NEVER do that, just so you know).

-I can eat solids, but it literally took me 45 minutes to eat 1 pancake last night, and it drives me crazy because I like to eat fast, I don't enjoy eating for long periods of time....I guess I get bored. I've lost over 5 lbs and I'm starting to feel like I'm never going to be able to eat again.

-So what was your experience, how long was it for you before they stopped hurting and you could REALLY eat normal foods again? I just want to know. Thanks!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

"If you can't stand your problems try kneeling."

The other day in Relief Society someone mentioned this quote, and I thought it was pretty good. I guess that it kind of wraps up the last few years of my life.

~Warning this is another long, and ridiculously boring post, you are under no obligation to read it, better yet just scroll over it.~

~So its no real secret that we've had our share of struggles here at the Flamm house for the last few years. It all started with Jacob's eyes, then a cancer scare, a rough pregnancy, several dishonest people, colicky baby, getting laid off, having to move for the 5th time in 4 years (all over the place), not having a job or answers just fall into our laps...and the list goes on and on. Over the past year or so I guess I've spent a lot of time on my knees, basically because I just can't stand it any more.

~I used to pray for it all to stop, for it all to be a bad dream. But now I give thanks for all that I have learned, because the lessons I've learned (as awful an experience it's been) are priceless. I guess I'm grateful for these trials.....(can't believe I'm saying it.) I've learned a lot from all this, and I won't bore you with the details. But I wouldn't trade what I've learned for anything.

~I used to focus on everything negative even when there was literally nothing negative to focus on (I have really bad anxiety so true to form I'd always find something). I was always looking from the top down, just waiting to fall. But after falling repeatedly, falling isn't so scary anymore. I guess I'm saying I've gotten braver, and stronger all because I stopped just standing my problems and started kneeling.

~So to all those of you out there who can't stand your problems, try kneeling. And like my "new favorite song of the week" (Love Like Crazy by Lee Brice) says "never let your prayin' knees get lazy" and somehow you will always find the strength to go on, even when you have no idea of whats ahead.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

~Custom Tutus~ Friends and Family Discount!~

So Tutus have been my latest thing!
~And To All My Friends and Family I'm offering a huge discount on your custom Tutu. You pick the color, size, pattern and length! All Tutus come with a free matching Hair Clip.~
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~I'll give it to you super cheap...so cheap I don't want to advertise it!~

This one is my favorite....Neapolitan Fairy Tutu, it's pink, brown and cream with a Brown Satin Ribbon Bow and matching Hair Clip (you pick bow or flower.) This one is about 12" long and super fluffy all my tutus have over 100 yards of tulle, because the fluffier the better!

Lavender Fairy Tutu, solid colors available (in just about every color).
Watermelon Pixie Tutu, Bright Pink and lime Green with a Bright Pink Satin Ribbon Bow. And matching Hair Clip too!
~Tutus are great for photography, I had way too much fun taking these photos!
~Great for Birthdays, Dance Class, Parties or just hours of twirling!
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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Our Easter!

This was our Easter this last Weekend...Aaron finally got a crinkle book (been looking for one forever) he loves it!
Kaylie inspecting the Easter Basket for the goods.
Coloring eggs with Katelyn. I didn't get any pictures but thanks to Jo-Jo they were mostly Halloween characters....what can I say?

Kaylie has a knack for faces...
This was our annual Community Easter Egg Hunt....
It was in the High School weight room....why?
Because we had a literal Blizzard! Kid you not, a blizzard on April 3rd. This was the Easter Egg Hunt Parking Lot....from the safety of the car of course.
And this was the 6" that Jacob got to shovel that morning.....gotta love Spring in Idaho!