Saturday, July 17, 2010

Catchin' Up!

Okay...It's been a month since I last know it's time to play Catch Up!
After a week of not having my computer (it crashed.....yes, I know Jacob and I have the worst luck in history...only $200 to fix) This Computer Crash was the icing on a Fantastic year!
Any hoo......I'll start from the latest and work backwards.
~Here we are at the 4th of July Parade....which was freezing! We had to show up in our coats and blankets, fireworks were the same too.
~This was the first 4th of July Parade that I can say I had Hot Chocolate. I usually have a Popsicle or smoothie, but it was so cold that when Great Harvest (who was just across the street) posted a "Hot Chocolate" Sign.....literally half the people on our side of the street ran across to get some.
Kaylie is wearing her Red, White and Blue Tutu....everyone kept calling her a 4th of July Princess (which she loved).
Here's a random picture of Aaron at Kaylie's Dance Recital in June. This poor lil guy has been teething like mad.
As of now, he has all 4 front teeth and is working on number 5....hence the face.
I'll try to post some video of her dances, as soon as I can figure out my basically "new computer".
Here's Kaylie just after her Dance Recital. She did so good....which was a sigh of relief for me, I've worked so hard over the last 6 months to help her learn her dances....and no matter how hard I worked she never seemed to get it. But once she got on stage in front of all the people, she lit up and let it out. She did so good on her first dance that it made me cry. The second dance...well she did okay, she was just really focused on the Balloon that she wanted.
I'm so proud of her, she's such a good girl, and she's been my sanity through all these awful trials.
And say Hello to my "living nightmare"....yet Jacob's "Dream Come True'. For the last several months Jacob has been working like crazy on building his Dad's GTO, which has been in pieces since before we got married.
They wanted it finished by his Dad's Birthday in May, but that didn't happen so they got it almost finished (just not running) by Father's Day. We tried to surprise his Dad with it.....but I don't think his Dad can ever be surprised....oh well. It's running now of course.
And I'll admit it is very nice....but I still hate it
(I call this car 'the other woman', as Jacob disappears for days at a time to work on it).
Oh well, I'm glad it's done and running. And Jacob and his Dad have been like kids in a Candy Store ever since.