Saturday, October 2, 2010

SURPRISE!!!!! David's Home!!!!

Yay!!!! David came home on Tuesday and we drove all the way to Utah to pick him up (and back in the same day....don't recommend it for two small kids...just in case you were wondering)
And so here's our funny story....we get to the airport about a half hour before his flight comes in and we have this whole skit planned out (Saturday Night Live Skit:"Surprise: I'm so Freakin' Excited Surprise Party). If you haven't seen it I've included the link for you to watch it.
~So anyhow...we follow my dad to the economy the middle of nowhere so we have to wait for the shuttle to get to the airport itself. And then the shuttle driver made several stops including to pick up a new driver which was fun.
So by the time we get in the airport to meet David is coming down the escalator already...problem because we had to put on ugly sweaters to preform our skit (it was 95 degrees outside) and the whole baggage claim area was covered with other families waiting for their missionaries. (aproximately 40-50 people there at least).
I hurry and throw my sweater on and then I realize that my family isn't going to get their's on in time and they aren't really doing anything....and poor David has this look on his face like "they're late (typical Fluckiger Style) So I ran like an idiot between a random family standing there with balloons and and posters and I yell....."SURPRISE.......I'm just so freakin' excited". And yes I made a HUGE scene and everyone was looking at me some laughing but most were concerned or confused.
David got it right away...and was laughing his head off. The reason we chose this skit is it was his favorite SNL skit before he left on his mission, and he wrote about it in several letters.

We're just so freakin excited to see each other.
Still making a huge scene....I was laughing so hard I was was pretty fun!
So here's the link.... Please go watch's pretty funny!

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Andrea said...

I love this post! Your family is so fun! I can't believe little David is home...only not so little anymore! He looks so good. Yay for inside jokes that people just stare at you for because they have no idea!