Saturday, January 30, 2010

Happy 30th Birthday Jacob!!!

Today Jacob turned 30!!! Can you believe it? People still mistake him to be just a teenager, and this boy is 30 years old. My how time flies. Thanks for being such an awesome husband and father!
Yesterday was Aunt Chalese's (Jacob's youngest sister) 9th B'day. To celebrate we all went bowling. It was a blast... here's Kaylie bustin' a move, after her STRIKE!!!
Okay....I guess she had a little help...shhhhh!
This one's just for braggin' rights. Look at my two little cuties! Kaylie will be 3 next week, and Aaron will be 6 months in a couple weeks....They are growing way too fast, don't you wish you could just stop the clock sometimes?

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Welcome Home Elder Flamm!!!

This Last Friday Derek (Jacob's little brother) got home from his Mission (Geneva, Switzerland). And we were super excited to see him. Here's all his nieces and nephews awaiting his arrival.
Here he is, measuring up to Nathan who probably grew at least a foot while he was gone.

Kaylie couldn't wait to see Derek. Last time she saw him she was just 7 months old. For a whole week before he got back she was running up to random men in stores and stuff saying..."there's Derek". And once she finally met the "real" Derek she kept saying "I love Derek". She's such a goof.
Not the greatest picture. But here's Aaron with his Uncle Derek for the first time.
Derek, Brynnlee, Ethan, and how time flies. But we are so proud of Derek and happy to have him back! Welcome Home!!!

More On BedBuggs

-So as you can see off to the side, I started my own shop to sell these BedBuggs and hopefully some other things. I've actually dropped my prices a bit in hopes to sell some more, but for my friends I'll give you a much better deal if you want some at a discount just email me at and I'll work with you. (I can use all the advertising I can get.)
-This is still a work in progress, figuring the whole Shop out and all. If you guys think the price is too high or you have any other suggestions I am more than open to them. (Seriously, I need all the help I can get here.)
-I am thinking about maybe adding scents to them, but that will raise the price quite a bit and the scents have a tendency to fade fairly quick so I'm not sure it'll be worth it, but again let me know what you think.
-Oh yeah, these are 10'' in diameter, and the BedBuggs themselves are removable (like a pillow sham) so they don't get icky in the microwave (because I'll be the first to admit that my microwave isn't always spotless.)
-I'm starting to make completely different things that will come shortly, but if you have any ideas of items to sell let me know.
-Thanks for all your guys are awesome!!!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

We've got BedBuggs!!!

After a lot of back pain during pregnancy, random stomach pains, and just moving back to freezing Idaho, one of my favorite things has been my rice pack. I use it for everything including to help warm up Aaron's bed before I lay him down at night....cause who likes cold sheets? After fighting over this one rice pack with my family I decided not only to make more, but to make them much cuter. So I created BedBuggs, but these ones only bite pain and the cold.
The BedBuggs themselves are just decorative covers for the rice packs. But they are made out of flannel so they actually help the rice pack stay warmer longer. I just remove the rice pack to put it in the microwave (or freezer) so that the BedBugg doesn't get dirty because I'll be the first to admit that I don't have the cleanest microwave on the planet.

Scarab the Beetle. (I didn't intent for him to look Egyptian, he just does.)
Swat the Fly. He was actually my first creation...simple but fun.
Lady. Obviously a ladybug.
Bitsy the Spider. My personal favorite, even though I hate spiders.
And Bizzee the Bee. I accidentally put his stripes on backwards but it works.
-These will be Birthday Presents, or Valentines, just because it is the gift that keeps on giving.
-So what do you think? I'm currently in the process of trying to sell these cuties online. (Hopefully I'll have a link soon.)
-What do you think is a reasonable price?
-I want you to be honest, and if you have any suggestions let me know!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Thanks for the Advice!

I just want to thank everyone for their advice, it has really helped me get things off my chest. I'm glad to have such a good network of friends... Thanks again!