Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Our Lil' Christmas

And after...gotta love it.

My two most favorite boys!

Kaylie's big present from Santa...it was a huge hit (once she woke up enough to realize what it was.)
Gotta love the stick horse and the fact that dad had to show her how to use it. She clopped around all day in her princess dress (not in the shot, obviously), crown and lovely heels (which broke two days later...nice.)
-All in all, it was a very good Christmas considering the circumstances. We just feel very blessed, and are grateful for each other. We're hoping that the new year will bring lots of good news too!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

'Nother Funny Story

-Kaylie is at such a funny stage...you gotta love what kids say. The weekend before Christmas while we were in the middle of our move, my mom came home and told me that Santa was at the grocery store. I decided to drop everything because we needed a little Christmas cheer. So I went to pick up Kaylie at her friend's house. Then my sister and I took Kaylie and her friend (Cheyenne) to see Santa. While we were driving there Cheyenne kept calling Kaylie, Lucy (which is Kaylie's cousin's name). It was pretty funny because they had been playing together all day. We got to Santa and Kaylie was too scared to sit on his lap so the more experienced Cheyenne went first. I whipped out my camera and took a picture and then my batteries died...(typical), so no picture of Kaylie on Santa's lap...oh well. On the way home Cheyenne said to Kaylie and I quote: "Hey Lucy, I bet you can't guess your name, I'll give you a hint it starts with a K." (My sister and I are cracking up) then Kaylie replies: "You're crazy Chantell". (Chantell is Lucy's mom.)
-I'm driving through Salt Lake and in a hurry. This lady is driving in front of me and she is super slow. Plus she won't let me pass her. So when she finally makes a right hand turn I say "move it grandma". As we drive past Kaylie looks at the lady and says..."that's not grandma".
-Kaylie's newest thing..."no-kay". I ask her all the time if she needs to go potty just to be sure and she always says "no, I not, I'm okay." So the past few days she's decided that "no-kay" is the short way to answer her annoying mom.
-Coming soon, Christmas pictures. Once I find my camera under all the mess.

Friday, December 11, 2009

On The Move...Again!

No Decking the halls at the Flamm's this year, these are moving boxes.... It's becoming a fact of life for us, every year or so we decide to move and now we're on the move again. This will be move number 5 for us and we haven't even been married 4 years! We're moving back up to Idaho, so this picture was just perfect for the occasion. Why Idaho you ask? Well we need to cut back on expenses and my Grandparents were in need of house sitters (they're on mission number 5!), and the timing was just right. Now we can try to start our business and then figure life out from there.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Just because it's been a while...

I decided to post some new pictures just because it's been a while since I have. Here's Aaron and Kaylie hanging out with dad while he works on the computer. Notice Kaylie's dress, it's the second day in a row that she's worn it. She's really excited about Christmas and Santa Claus, she's at such a fun age.
Aaron's starting to sit up...it's just crazy how fast he's growing, he'll be four months next week! He's quite the talker too, he woke up at midnight last night and talked for a half hour to himself, it's cute during the day but not so much at night.

Kaylie is such a ham. She just can't be left out of a photo.
Here she literally jumped in again....lovely. Sorry Aaron, I just don't think that we're going to have as many single photos of you as you'd like.
Just checking out dad's work, he's definitely a daddy's boy.