Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Our Easter!

This was our Easter this last Weekend...Aaron finally got a crinkle book (been looking for one forever) he loves it!
Kaylie inspecting the Easter Basket for the goods.
Coloring eggs with Katelyn. I didn't get any pictures but thanks to Jo-Jo they were mostly Halloween characters....what can I say?

Kaylie has a knack for faces...
This was our annual Community Easter Egg Hunt....
It was in the High School weight room....why?
Because we had a literal Blizzard! Kid you not, a blizzard on April 3rd. This was the Easter Egg Hunt Parking Lot....from the safety of the car of course.
And this was the 6" that Jacob got to shovel that morning.....gotta love Spring in Idaho!


Ultimatetrailbike said...

Sounds like you guys had a nice Easter. I am so not jealous of the blizzard. We have been having 80-90 degree weather here. Sad part, we have no air conditioning.

Genevieve said...

i'm so sorry about the snow! i think i would've cried :) can't say that i'm missing the idaho weather!!

Rachel said...

Don't you miss the Springtime in Ohio!? We're lovin' it here in the 70's with flowering trees everywhere! :)