Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Do you want a Free Hooter the Owl Pillow?

So BedBuggs Boutique (my online shop) is doing a giveaway! I'm trying to promote my shop and my blog as much as possible these days!
~Would you like a FREE Hooter the Owl Pillow?
~I'd like to see one of my friends or family get it!
To learn more or enter to win visit this blog: http://www.theschulerfamily.net/
You can pick between four different colors for wings. Original (Tan wings) Pink, Blue and Yellow!
I could really use all of your help! I need lots of followers on my blog....I have a new and much improved business blog and grab button! Visit my blog and follow me! http://www.bedbuggs.blogspot.com/
Thanks so much!

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