Wednesday, July 29, 2009


As it gets closer to baby-time I've been trying really hard to focus on doing stuff with just Kaylie. For the 24th of July we took her to her first movie..."Up" and I have to say that was one of the best movies I've seen in a long time (I highly recommend it). Kaylie loved it so much she's been asking me everyday ever since to watch it again. Then on Saturday even though it was like a thousand degrees outside, I finally got the energy to take her outside for some simple pleasures....sprinklers. She's always been too timid to run through them but she loved it on this super hot day.
It wasn't too long before she was chasing me with the sprinklers, and then she figured out how to take the sprinkler head off. I love this picture with the hose in her armpit, she's so odd (she gets it from Jacob).

It's funny how it's always the small, simple things in life are the things you enjoy the most.

-Update on Baby #2: He's gaining weight...yay!!! (That's a good sign). However, we still expect him to be on the small side. The calcification of the placenta has slowed way down, and he's still moving a ton (Another good sign). I was really worried that I was going to have to have C-Section this week because of all the problems, but thanks to blessings, and prayers we've seen a significant turn around. But like my doctor said, we won't be completely happy until we get this little boy delivered. Which is only a few weeks away.
-Update on Chinese Water-Torture: The same day I posted the pictures of the lovely hole in our yard was the day we "really" experienced problems. That night when I was getting Kaylie to bed I noticed that the toilet was running and when I had Jacob come to look at it, he told me that we had no water pressure and to run and check on the pipes that the plumbers had been working on all day. So I went out to find the plastic pressure valve they had put on the pipes earlier had popped off, and we had basically a fire hose of water shooting out the pipes and we had a pool, because the hole had filled up and was overflowing. (I would have pictures, but this was at night and was way too dark). I freaked out because that meant our basement apartment was going to seriously flood at any second.
To make a really long story, short: it took us about 45 minutes to figure out how to turn off the water and stop "old faithful". We had to get into the man-hole in our front yard because it was the main water valve. Then we waited for the plumber to come pump out our pool, but after an hour of waiting, we had done it ourselves..."uggg". Fortunately, because of this mess we found out that it was something else that was leaking into our fireplace, and our apartment never flooded. Bad news, I still had to battle with mold for a week to kill it all (tough stuff to kill, but it is possible.) Soooooo, hopefully (knock on wood) all these "water problems" are over with. And they should be because we officially have a whole new plumbing system.
All I have to say is, you've gotta just love life!

Monday, July 13, 2009


Kaylie is in this little 'terrible two' phase where, she never listens to me. I've told her repeatedly that she can't slide out under the arms of the rocking chair, and she obviously doesn't listen. So here she is stuck in the rocking chair, and I just had to laugh at her. I let her stay there a while because she needs to learn mom means mom says.
After I had my little laugh I had to try and get her out, and she was really quite stuck. Oh well, we'll see how soon it is before she tries this stunt again.

Update on the Chinese Water Torture

So here's an update on our little "Chinese Water Torture" (which is what I'm calling it.) That leak from under our fireplace was (I guess) caused from a broken pipe in the sprinkler system.
Lovely, huh? And to top it off, yesterday after I took these pictures, it rained and my living room flooded again...I love life. (At least at this point I can laugh at it.) I'm just happy that they located the problem, and are fixing it. (Keeping my fingers crossed though.)

Kaylie wanted to get her picture by the whole. (She's holding her stuffed puppy, "Stockton", and yes, he's in a dress....that's another story for another day.)

Saturday, July 11, 2009

"Feeling a little picked on"

So I went Visiting Teaching the other day and my companion brought up how she's "feeling a picked on" these days, just because everything seems to be going wrong. All I can say is Diddo! we're "feeling a little picked on" ourselves lately, "when it rains, it pours" they say, and again nothing could be more true in our case.

Don't get me wrong, I don't mean to complain (we really are blessed) but man, all this "rain" is driving me insane, and I don't know how much more we can take. Here's our little list of problems these days:

1. We're stuck here in Utah, but we really want to be in Idaho, but there's no room in the family business. So we're here in Utah, Jacob's working twice as much as he would in Idaho, for literally about half the pay. But due to the current economy (no thanks to Obama) we dare not ask for a raise.

2. We are starting to have to pay back our student loans, which (due to the above circumstances) is next to impossible, we are not making enough to live and pay them all. And I'm too sick to work.

3. Last week I went to my regular well check visit on the baby and was told that the baby is too skinny and the Dr was worried that my placenta is dieing. This week a little better news, he's still gaining weight...but he's still way too skinny, and my placenta is starting to calcify, so I could have this baby at any time...and I still have a month to go. I'm basically suppose to be on bed rest (try that with a two year old....right). So a little scary....yeah!

4. Kaylie's got her molars growing in, and she's so grouchy and hard to deal with, plus she doesn't sleep very well at night so that sleep for me...yay!

5. We've had every problem with water that you can imagine in our apartment. We love this apartment, and the rent is really cheap, but we've had about all that we can handle. Almost every pipe has had problems, but this week has been the icing on the cake because:

Under the fireplace has started to leak, due to sprinklers and too much rain. As soon as I get it dried out and the carpet all cleaned up it will leak again. And the smell of mold and mildew is just awful, it's making me and everyone else for that matter really sick.
While our landlord was here dealing with the fireplace issues I was in the bathroom doing my hair, when the ceiling above the shower started to drip really bad. (Not the greatest picture, but it is dripping). I'm just glad that he was here to see it because it's done it before but he never really believed me. Apparently the lady upstairs, had her shower on and it was leaking through into our bathroom....lucky me.
Then the linen closet flooded...yay...more stink! And that's about the point I started to scream, because I'm in the nesting phase (where I've been cleaning everything before the baby....and I get to do it all again.) So yes, I'm "feeling a little picked on" these about you?

Forth of July

Jacob took this picture (he's always experimenting). But Kaylie was so cute, they handed out little flags and you can't tell from the picture, but she was shaking her hips and tapping her feet to the beat as the band went by. That little flag literally made her week, she's been carrying it ever since.
Dancing with Katelyn.

This is what happens when you give your husband the camera for the parade, you get nothing but pictures of old cars. This one was cute because there was an old couple driving, and they were dressed up in twenties style clothing. I can't wait to get old.

Not the greatest picture, but these guys were driving around "magic carpets", which were just lawn motors with a frame and carpets on top. They looked like they were having a blast, I've been telling Jacob that I want him to build me one to drive around.
Kaylie again at the parade. It was perfect weather, which was really nice for me being preggo and all. (Sorry to the random lady in the background, no idea who she is...oh well).
Another car, seriously that's all Jacob got pictures of really. He's just a little obsessed, but I love him any way.
Okay, this was a different parade, it was a week before the Forth (but still a Forth of July Parade...don't ask, your guess is as good as mine.) But this is an ambulance hurse...another Flamm thing I guess, I thought it was cool.
Kaylie and her bag of candy, she didn't trust me to hold it, so she dragged it with her everywhere.
Checking out the spoils after the parade, she got quite a bit of candy and other goodies. She now asks me everyday if we can go to a parade and get candy.

Random (not to mention late) Post

So these were taken way back in June, I was so busy that I never posted them. We were up at the Flamm's house and their neighbor's had a little Barbie Mustang that they were driving around. Kaylie loved riding in i, she didn't want to get out. (I forgot the little neighbor girl's name, pregnancy thing).
I always wanted one of these when I was little, like I would wish on shooting stars for them all the time (seriously, I was a little weird.) But after seeing how fast they can go, I'm not sure that I'll ever get Kaylie one. Fortunately this little neighbor girl was a really good driver, even when Kaylie was shifting the gears (which was hilarious, all the sudden they'd go backwards, forwards, slow, and super fast.) The little driver got sick of Kaylie pretty quick. I was hoping to get a shot of Brynnlee (Kaylie's cousin) but Brynnlee didn't want anything to do with the car, she was content on her bike (such a funny little girl.)

Our friends the Simpson's from Cincinnati, met up with us in Rexburg for just a little bit. We were so excited to see them. These are their girls with Kaylie...they are such cuties. Kaylie was way excited to see them. We miss the Simpson's a ton, wish we could have visited a little longer.