Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Wisdom Teeth....Your Experience?

So I'm sure that a lot of you know that I just got my wisdom teeth out a week ago, and it really wasn't that bad when I got them out.....

-But now a week later, I'm still having a lot of trouble eating. My jaw hurts really bad, and it feels like the dentist might have put a stitch in my cheek, so I have a hard time talking still.

-I went to my little sis's track meet yesterday and there was this lady sitting next to us eating some fast food and she was like flaunting it (ok maybe not flaunting it, but to me it felt that way) I wanted to grab her food and throw it in her face, just because I wanted it soooo bad. (I would NEVER do that, just so you know).

-I can eat solids, but it literally took me 45 minutes to eat 1 pancake last night, and it drives me crazy because I like to eat fast, I don't enjoy eating for long periods of time....I guess I get bored. I've lost over 5 lbs and I'm starting to feel like I'm never going to be able to eat again.

-So what was your experience, how long was it for you before they stopped hurting and you could REALLY eat normal foods again? I just want to know. Thanks!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

"If you can't stand your problems try kneeling."

The other day in Relief Society someone mentioned this quote, and I thought it was pretty good. I guess that it kind of wraps up the last few years of my life.

~Warning this is another long, and ridiculously boring post, you are under no obligation to read it, better yet just scroll over it.~

~So its no real secret that we've had our share of struggles here at the Flamm house for the last few years. It all started with Jacob's eyes, then a cancer scare, a rough pregnancy, several dishonest people, colicky baby, getting laid off, having to move for the 5th time in 4 years (all over the place), not having a job or answers just fall into our laps...and the list goes on and on. Over the past year or so I guess I've spent a lot of time on my knees, basically because I just can't stand it any more.

~I used to pray for it all to stop, for it all to be a bad dream. But now I give thanks for all that I have learned, because the lessons I've learned (as awful an experience it's been) are priceless. I guess I'm grateful for these trials.....(can't believe I'm saying it.) I've learned a lot from all this, and I won't bore you with the details. But I wouldn't trade what I've learned for anything.

~I used to focus on everything negative even when there was literally nothing negative to focus on (I have really bad anxiety so true to form I'd always find something). I was always looking from the top down, just waiting to fall. But after falling repeatedly, falling isn't so scary anymore. I guess I'm saying I've gotten braver, and stronger all because I stopped just standing my problems and started kneeling.

~So to all those of you out there who can't stand your problems, try kneeling. And like my "new favorite song of the week" (Love Like Crazy by Lee Brice) says "never let your prayin' knees get lazy" and somehow you will always find the strength to go on, even when you have no idea of whats ahead.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

~Custom Tutus~ Friends and Family Discount!~

So Tutus have been my latest thing!
~And To All My Friends and Family I'm offering a huge discount on your custom Tutu. You pick the color, size, pattern and length! All Tutus come with a free matching Hair Clip.~
~Just contact me, leave a comment or visit my shop if you are interested

~I'll give it to you super cheap I don't want to advertise it!~

This one is my favorite....Neapolitan Fairy Tutu, it's pink, brown and cream with a Brown Satin Ribbon Bow and matching Hair Clip (you pick bow or flower.) This one is about 12" long and super fluffy all my tutus have over 100 yards of tulle, because the fluffier the better!

Lavender Fairy Tutu, solid colors available (in just about every color).
Watermelon Pixie Tutu, Bright Pink and lime Green with a Bright Pink Satin Ribbon Bow. And matching Hair Clip too!
~Tutus are great for photography, I had way too much fun taking these photos!
~Great for Birthdays, Dance Class, Parties or just hours of twirling!
~Again all my Friends and Family get a huge discount....just contact me or visit my shop! Thanks for all your support! =)

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Our Easter!

This was our Easter this last Weekend...Aaron finally got a crinkle book (been looking for one forever) he loves it!
Kaylie inspecting the Easter Basket for the goods.
Coloring eggs with Katelyn. I didn't get any pictures but thanks to Jo-Jo they were mostly Halloween characters....what can I say?

Kaylie has a knack for faces...
This was our annual Community Easter Egg Hunt....
It was in the High School weight room....why?
Because we had a literal Blizzard! Kid you not, a blizzard on April 3rd. This was the Easter Egg Hunt Parking Lot....from the safety of the car of course.
And this was the 6" that Jacob got to shovel that morning.....gotta love Spring in Idaho!

Did You Know? Wednesday

I Swear This Commitment of mine is the only thing keeping me blogging!

~A Shrimp's heart is in it's head!

~Kissing is actually healthier for you than shaking hands!

~If you are right handed, you tend to chew food on the right side of your mouth and vise-versa. (Totally true, for me at least....)

What day is the busiest day for plumbers?....the day after Thanksgiving.....(CAN'T SAY I DIDN'T WARN YOU).

~Babies spend more time dreaming than adults do!