Saturday, April 30, 2011

Easter 2011!!!

Aren't you proud of me...I actually posted in the same month as the event....hooray for me! J/K! Here is just a little taste of our Easter this year. We woke up early on Saturday morning and headed to the annual city Easter Egg Hunt...last year we woke up to a foot of snow in our driveway and a huge blizzard....typical Idaho weather. This year, however, the sun was out...but it was freezing!
This is about the best picture I can get of my kids together....Kaylie is super posy, while Aaron couldn't care less about pictures. This was after the hunt, and they both did surprisingly well, considering how many kids showed up. (And it is usually the parents who pick up the eggs...not the kids which is so annoying...oh well.)
After the hunt, we went to the grocery store to meet the Easter Bunny....Aaron was less than impressed. He burst into tears the minute we handed him to the Easter Bunny...
So being the mean mom that I am....I couldn't help but take several pictures of my crying least he is a man about it...he did his best to hide his tears from the creepy, extra large bunny holding him.
After the pictures, we stayed at the grocery store and did their hunt...which was a joke...again due to all the parents doing the work....and it felt more like a major fire code violation...and I was terrified of my kids or myself getting trampled....I'm pretty sure we won't be doing this one next year.
We did come home and dyed eggs...but the kids were so exhausted that my mom and I ended up doing all the no need to take pictures. And being the super forgetful mom I am these days....I forgot to take pictures of the kids on Sunday in their Easter Sunday clothes...maybe in a future post....then again, maybe next year! ;)

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

On a Lighter Note...

So it's been a while since I've posted and a positive post has been long overdue for a while now. I've also decided that I need to post more often, even though I'm not sure anyone reads my blog anymore.
So as the weather FINALLY gets warmer, the classic cars tend to come out. Even though it always seems like the minute Jacob pulls his car starts to rain, but hey it does it every year.
I'm not sure who loves the cars more....Jacob or the kids. They will all spend hours outside doing just this....sitting in the car in the driveway.

Forget waiting another 14 1/2 years to drive...Aaron's got this car under control.
The hardest getting the kids back inside.
Aaron's Naughty Streak!!!

So Aaron is only 20 months old but he is hitting the terrible twos hard core. Funny thing is we really almost named him Calvin, but we didn't because of Calvin and Hobbs, we just didn't want to jinx ourselves. Turns out names just don't matter.
Here are Aaron's more recent Top 3 Naughties....(sure many more are to come...just hope they don't top these).

Naughty #3
Mom turns her back for 2 minutes and Aaron ate our SD Card
Yes....he ate it (no worries mom got all the pieces out of his mouth before he swallowed.)
Naughty #2
New Rule...Aaron isn't allowed in his room unattended because he got into the dirty diapers
and opened them and spread the evidence all over his furniture.
Naughty #1
Kaylie was up all night throwing up, and so mom was up too.
Kaylie woke up and left a bowl of vomit on her bed....forgetting to tell mom about it.
Aaron got into Kaylie's room, climbed on the bed, and put the vomit bowl (and all contents) on his head, and danced around in front of Kaylie's mirror....and he sure thought it was hilarious NOPE not so was a HUGE Mess!
Gotta Love Toddlers!