Saturday, April 21, 2012

Easter 2012

 This year we decided to give the awful community Easter Egg Hunt another try.... and this is what the hunt looked like just a few seconds after the horn.... call me crazy but I could have sworn that this was the 2-3 year old Easter Egg Hunt Section (mainly because of the signs all over the place)... not the Whole Family/ Whole Community Easter Egg Hunt. The whole thing was over in less than 2 minutes. Aaron only got one egg because of all the over anal parents, luckily one boy gave him another egg. Needless to say... this was that last year we will be doing that Easter Egg Hunt.
 After the first not-so-fun Hunt we went to an Easter Egg Hunt that the Young Men and Young Women put on in our ward... Aaron wasn't too thrilled as you can see in the photo above about another hunt. Gotta Love his evil glare.
 Here's Kaylie's age group.... right after the horn... now call-me-crazy but this is what I picture in my mind when I think Easter Egg Hunt (unlike the first photo.)
 And here is Aaron... thoroughly enjoying this hunt... no rush, no adults just Aaron and all the eggs and all the time in the world.
Enough time to carefully examine each egg before he drops it in his basket.  He LOVED this hunt!
 Remember this picture from last year?
Aaron cried when I gave him to the Easter Bunny to get a picture... well it was so funny that we decided to give it a try again....
 Notice how Aaron is keeping a good 5 foot distance from the Easter Bunny.... I just love the look on his face... he really doesn't like this costume.
 After some serious coaxing he finally heads in for some chocolate, all the while he keeps his eyes locked on the creepy Easter Bunny.
 Here is my attempt at getting another picture with Kaylie, Aaron and the Easter Bunny. Aaron bee-lined before it even happened.  By now all the parents were laughing at this poor little kid that was terrified of the Easter Bunny.
 I love this last look at him before we left... I guess this story will be continued next year.
 Random Picture of Lydia and Alyssa in their carseats after the hunts.... they were so confused as to what was going on... these girls are so used to their strict routine that any little change really throws them for a loop for a few days.
I can't believe that they are almost 7 months already! They are still pretty small for their age... but that is expected for twins.
The kids in their Easter Best.... sort of... this was the best picture I could get. I love the concerned look on Alyssa's face... she loves Aaron, but she certainly does not trust him.