Sunday, October 19, 2008

Versailles State Park, Indiana

Finally, a family photo with all of us smiling....well, sort of.

This Bridge was really cool, it had a sign on it saying that it was built in 1885. I love that everything is so old here.
Here are some of the cool vines that we found in the middle of the woods, that's Steve in the background checking them out.
And here's Kaylie swinging with Tracie, we're not really sure that she loved the swinging idea, but she laughed and smiled anyway.
Pretty tree, and the photo just didn't capture it the way I wanted, but it still looks cool.
Bridger, came up to us like this and said "Look guys, I'm an elephant." Kaylie thought it was hilarious, she loves elephants almost as much as Bridger does.
Bridger and Shaylie behind some cool vines that we found in the woods.
Shaylie is so sweet, she was so cute about helping Kaylie the entire day. Here she's helping Kaylie smell the sunflowers.
Kaylie loves flowers, she always has to stop to sniff everyone she sees. This one was funny because I just wanted her to hold the flower for the picture because there was a honey bee on it. in this picture you can see bee. But right after I clicked the picture she put her nose right on the bee and luckily the bee didn't seem to notice.

Jacob took this photo of a little bridge we crossed on our hike, I think it's really good, but pictures just don't do the trees justice.

Kaylie, Bridger and Shaylie were all having a blast throwing the leaves up in the air.

Jacob and Kaylie just sittin' (sort of) around the camp fire.

Here we are on our little hike. Kaylie always had to have something in her hands, whether it was sticks, flowers or leaves.

Kaylie loves Bridger and Shaylie, she had a blast with them. Here they are crunching around in the leaves.

Happy Birthday Dave!

We had a Birthday Party for Dave Simpson (our good friend.) We went out to dinner and then came back to our place for cake. So here's Dave making his Birthday wish!

Just enjoying each other's company. From Left to right: Jacob, Dave, Justin, Deanna, and Me. Jennett (Dave's wife) was taking the photo.

I'm pretty sure that Kaylie thought it was her Birthday, her favorite part about the whole thing were the balloons that we got for Dave. She had to sleep with one tied on her crib last night.

Here's Kaylie basically claiming that Dave's balloons belong to her. Oh well.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Nothin' like cookie dough

We were just making cookies (one of Kaylie's favorite things to do) and she was loving the beaters, she wouldn't let go of the beater for several minutes after she was finished.
Umm....Yummy.....(I like that it was on her nose.)

Saturday, October 11, 2008

"Up, pease"

For weeks Kaylie has struggled with the terms "up" and "down". As of yesterday she had it right but it appears that today she just decided to avoid the confusion by saying "up" to everything. Jacob and I are trying to help her understand the difference.
After dinner, she'll usually say "down" when she's done, and we'll wash her off and get her down. Well, tonight she said "up", and after a few few minutes added a "pease" to her request. So I got her out of her highchair and lifted her up above my head, for as long as I could all the while trying to correct her "up, pease" to down please. After a few minutes of that my arms got tired, so Jacob took over, and after a few minutes we gave up. And as of now, everything is still "up pease".
Oh well, she'll get it eventually.

I've been trying forever to get a picture of Kaylie and I together where she is actually smiling and I guess that this is as good as it gets. It literally took like 30 shots to get one of her looking at the camera with a smile.


So just a few minutes ago Kaylie came up to me with my spatula and a damp towel draped over the end of it, she waved it in my face and kept repeating "flag, flag." Yeah, it's a flag! After I acknowledged her she marched around the house with it, it was really random but I was impressed that she remembered what a flag was.

Scary Car Wash

Yesterday we took the car to the car wash finally and I always think that it is fun to watch Kaylie because you can just tell that she' really scared. She was so jumpy about everything and kept gasping and asking what everything was.
Here, she's looking for Jacob who was out wiping the car off, she was a little paranoid that we were going to leave him at the scary car wash place. Kids are just too funny!