Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My lil' Stinker

Can you believe that this lil stinker is 9 months old? He's such a lady killer!
Let me tell you a little about Aaron:
Aaron likes football, stacking cups, balls and blond girls (he really loves blonds.)
He is learning how to crawl, right now he only really crawls backward and rolls all over the place. He's into everything all the time!

Aaron LOVES food. Especially Graham Crackers, Cheerios and as of Mother's Day....bottles (formula...finally!!!)
He loves to stay up all night, make huge messes, scream, pull Kaylie's hair, and spit up all over her. And he loves it when she gets in trouble....it makes him laugh.
He's a true lil brother I guess....gotta love him!


Rachel said...

Stay up all night? :( Sorry. He really looks like the kind of guy that would attract the ladies. I wonder why blondes? Wouldn't he want people who look like Mommy? Maybe it's Kaylie.

ashley said...

he really is SUPER cute! watch out for the blondes that are gonna be knocking at your door!