Friday, March 16, 2012

Ironic Fortune

The other day I had another rough day, they seem to be going around lately. Jacob and I had to make a quick run to Idaho Falls to get some fabric and luckily I was able to drop off my two older kids, I planned things out carefully, hoping to sneak in a nap for my teething twins. Well things didn't go according to plan... shocker...not.

~As I was finally headed home, Jacob noticed that the fabric store over charged us by $60, and we had to turn around, problem was that we were already a quarter of the way home. For whatever reason I lost it. Maybe it was because I was hungry, or because the twins were fussy, or because it had been a long day let alone a long week. Or perhaps, the awful drivers around me that were completely oblivious to the existence of another car on the I let my poor hubby have it. I complained, I never complain... at least not recently. The last time I complained was a year ago when I found out I was pregnant, and I complained about how hard and busy my life was and then a week later I found out it was twins. So I learned the hard way, don't complain because things will inevitably just get worse. (I'm not saying twins are a bad thing... they just definitely made my life much busier than I ever could imagine.)

~Anyway, I complained to Jacob about how "ridiculously uncomfortable" my life is. I hate having to drive all the time, I hate working all the time, I never get a break, I never get any help, I can't remember what it is like to sleep at night, my house is too small, I'm under appreciated ...on and on. Poor Jacob just took it in silence the whole way back to the store and ran in, while I attacked the indescribably, uncomfortable task of nursing my twins in the car...again.

When Jacob got things cleared up, he came back to the car and suggested we get Chinese Food on the way out of I.F. I agreed, and apologized for the complaints and we picked up some takeout and headed home.

~An hour later, after I finally got the twins down, Jacob made me sit down to eat before I headed to pick up my other two kids. After the meal he gave me my fortune cookie... now usually my fortune is something real dumb like..."you will find wisdom in time." But on this particular night it was "You will have a very comfortable life."....of course. We laughed about it, and I headed out the door to pick up my other kids. On the drive to my parents house I realized my life is actually pretty comfortable. I have everything I need. I have a roof over my head, a nice car, a great hubby and four super cute kids ... what more could I ask for?

~I've decided that comfort isn't things... it is a state of mind. It is funny how we sort of predetermine "I be comfortable when....". If we always want more things, or something better than what we've got, we will never find comfort. It is all about our focus, and I just needed something as trivial as a fortune cookie to remind me of just how fortunate I am.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

5 Months

I apologize for being a little behind, but life has been very say the least....but busy is a good thing in our world. The girls are 5 months old already! I can't believe it! And fortunately they are at the stage where they are getting easier to handle (in some ways) and they FINALLY are on a schedule which makes life somewhat predictable.
Lil Lydia....look at those beautiful eyes! She is such a happy baby, she loves her twin (of course) she can't help but always grab Alyssa (usually her ears.) And she loves to gurgle and coo...she is very busy and curious...this girl is already planning on what she is going to get into...thank goodness we have a little time before she figures out how to actually get there.
Miss social butterfly, and too cute for words. She prefers mom, but thinks Aaron is hilarious (from a distance of course). She loves to hold Lydia's hand and enjoys her company and loves watching all Lydia's mad grabbing skills. Alyssa is very laid back but very jealous if mom is holding anyone else...especially Lydia. And she is a talker, and singer...if you can call it singing, she loves the sound of her own voice.
I need to get a picture of it... but both girls are thumb suckers...THANK GOODNESS... I've done the binkies with Aaron and we did it with the girls for the first two months... and no thank you... nights and days were way too long until they learned how to soothe themselves with their thumbs. Yes...I know, it is an impossible habit to break (I still catch Kaylie sucking hers and she is 5.) But it is totally worth my sanity!
I am now the biggest fan in the world of leg 80s I know, but so convenient. I can leave them on for diaper changes so no messing with pants, plus they are very cute (even though they are very big)...and the more time I save the better.
More pics coming soon....when I get the time to post again!