Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Abstract Art

Everytime that I take Kaylie outside she likes to look for flowers to pick, but there were no flowers for her to pick today so she picked some weeds. She litterally picked every one that she could find but then it started to rain so we had to come back inside.

After she picks flowers she likes to carefully arrange them in a vase, so I gave her a vase to put them in. I guess she decided that she could do a little better than the typical vase so she ran off and pulled out one of her snow boots, and then she carefully arranged each weed as you can see here.

After she was done arranging her work she brought the boot to me and obviously wanted my approval. It was so cute that I just had to get a picture.

If you think about it, it is technically abstract art, well, at least seasonal abstract art. And if you ask me (even though I'll be the first to admit that I am biased), I would say that we have a little master on our hands!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Toddler, Anyone?

Right as I was posting the last blog, Kaylie ran in and did what she does best, she hit some button on the keyboard and deleted everything, but she didn't stop at once, no, she did it twice, so she earned herself a timeout.
While I was posting that blog (for the third time) Kaylie decided to retaliate by destroying the front room. After scattering her toys around the entire room she found a roll of toilet paper and started to tee-pee the front room.

After I finally got the blog up and went in the front room to check on her, she ran past me and hid in the master bedroom. It was then that I knew she had done something bad. After seeing her lovely destruction, I brought her back in the living room to clean it up.

So as you see here, she's putting all the toilet paper in a neat pile, in the middle of the living room.

Kaylie must have known that I was still upset with her, so to avoid yet another time out she tried to clean up even more. In this picture she is trying to wrap each individual square back around the toilet paper roll. Good luck with that Kaylie.
Why do I have a feeling like it is going to be a very long day?

Kaylie! What's on your leg?

Kaylie is going through the terrible two phase a little early (and it is really annoying.) She likes to wonder off on her own and create mischief, and today she got an early start. Right after daddy got her out of bed she wondered off to the front room. I was helping her dad get everything ready for school, so she found the perfect opportunity to start her madness.
We have a rule in our house that we always push our chairs under the table, because if we don't Kaylie will climb up onto the chair and then onto the table and get into stuff. The most funny part is that shes too scared to climb down (even though she knows how too) so when she wants to get down she whines for our help. Today daddy left his chair out so she climbed up, fortunately the chair was too far away from the table for her to get up on it, but she was still able to find her weapon of choice, a pen.
Kaylie's no dumby, she knows that once she gets a pen it's only a matter of time before mom will come and catch her with it and spoil all her fun by taking it away. Because she was stuck on a chair and too far away from a wall (thank goodness) she picked the next best thing, her legs to draw on. She created her masterpiece in record speed, and by the time I got into the room she pretended as if she had just found the pen and was observing it.

As she had predicted, I took the pen away promptly and told her "no, we don't play with pens." Then I noticed her masterpiece and I asked her, "Kaylie, what's all over your legs?" She played dumb for a minute and then started to study her legs. After a few seconds she must have realized that her masterpiece wasn't so great after all, and (as you see here) she started to cry. (It was hilarious). I started to laugh at her and that made her more mad, so she started to yell at me "Off, mom, off" (She wanted me to get the pen off her legs.) When I couldn't get it off, she was really devastated, and she cried over it for several minutes. Then she started yelling at me and pointing to the pen marks, "No mom, no!"(As if it was my idea in the first place.)
I finally got the pen off after several minutes of scrubbing in the tub. So it will be interesting to see how long it takes her to forget about this before she tries to draw on herself again.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Buggin' Daddy

Even though Kaylie has been really sick the past
few days with the Stomach flu, she can still find a way to bug her dad. Jacob has been trying to study for his National Boards, that are in a couple weeks and Kaylie will stop at nothing to get his attention. So she had an idea to put a bowl on his head, and she thought that is was hilarious.

It was really funny to watch her because she obviously just wants attention. After she'd get the bowl on dad's head just right she'd stand back and give herself a round of applause, and laugh. You'd never guess just how sick she really is.

Monday, August 18, 2008

A Princess Birthday Party

Today Kaylie was invited to a Royal Princess Ball with all her friends. They Ball was held in honor of Princess Sophie's 2nd Birthday. Kaylie was excited because it was the first Birthday Party she's ever been to. When she got there they had a meal made just for princesses (PB&J, and apples.) And after they ate the party began. They each had a princess dress to wear and they danced the afternoon away. It was quite the party.

Kaylie kept calling all the Balloons, "bubble". Bubble seems to be her word of the week, she's been calling everything a bubble.

We tried to get a group picture of all the Princess there, but of course Kaylie had no interest in sitting still for a picture.

From Left to Right: Leah, Stella, Olivia, Eleanor, Sophie and Kaylie (the one walking away.)

This party was so much fun that Kaylie was getting worn out from all the dancing, here she is just taking a breather. My, what a beautiful dress she had on.

Just riding on the teter-toter with her pal Eleanor.

Here's the birthday girl (Sophie) opening up the gift that Kaylie picked out for her.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

More Pictures at the Zoo

Kaylie picked out a stuffed Gorilla as a souvenir from the Cincinnati Zoo.
Kaylie didn't really like the idea of being inside the mouth of a Giant Snake.

Kaylie got to feed and pet the goats at the petting zoo. She hated the idea of being in the pen with them, it took all her courage to actually touch one. She kept telling me to be "soft".

Here we are in front of the Zebras. Kaylie's starting to get bored.

Here are the giraffes that we got to see, there were lots of them and we tried to feed them, but they weren't interested.

Our Trip to the Cincinnati Zoo

On August 9th we went to the Cincinnati Zoo. It was a fun trip for all of us, but especially for Kaylie, it was her first visit to a zoo. We saw all kinds of animals from Giraffes to Zebras, Bears to Rhinos and much, much more.
The Zoo had a really cool Insect Exhibit with all kinds of bugs. There we ants, butterflies, beetles and more.
In this picture, Kaylie and Jacob are looking at the Walking Sticks, they were huge. And they looked just like the tree they were on.