Saturday, May 15, 2010

No Going Back!!!!

Kaylie's hair has been getting super long and I've cut it several times before. But I could tell that the curl was getting cut off so I've been delaying the major chop until today. When she was in the tub this morning she was sitting on her hair, and then I decided that the time has come...
So here's a before. Which really doesn't do it justice because it was already curling on the ends...her hair is(was) down to her bum.
And After....5 inches gone.....and I want to cry!!!! Jacob's gone and I'm afraid that he's going to kill me when he gets home.
Here's her hair that I want to glue back on!
All dry and done....did I make a mistake? All day I've wanted to go back and only cut off an inch, but it was time. I couldn't get a comb through it...and it will grow back.


Heidi said...

Don' worry Krista, it does always grow back! And it usually comes back faster than you think. It still looks super cute!

Steve and Tracie Jensen Family said...

Ha! That is so funny, I just cut Shaylie's hair yesterday because she had the same problem, she was sitting on it and when it gets that long it's harder to do styles with. I cut about 4 or 5 inches. What a coincidence. No you didn't make a mistake, it looks really cute! And it grows like a weed.

Steve and Tracie Jensen Family said...

Ok so I left a message and it didn't seem to go through, so if you get two messages from me saying the same thing then I'm sorry.
Anyway, it is so funny that you cut her hair because I seriously cut Shaylie's hair on Saturday about 5" off, she had the same problem with sitting on it and it was getting difficult to style with it that long. It's much easier to do now! I don't think you made a mistake it looks like her curl came back after you cut it. Very Cute! Miss you guys

Kacie said...

holy moly her hair was so long! I like the new cut! I bet it's easier for you to do! Was your hubby mad?

Rachel said...

It looks gorgeous! She got her beautiful hair genes from you, Krista. How can such a young little girl already have such long hair already!?

I have to tell ya, whenever I do my hair in the side ponytail with the flip thing you taught me, I have to call it "the Krista Flamm 'do" :) Miss you guys!