Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Car Wreck!!!

I know...it has been forever since I've posted...most of that can be attributed to being super busy with my Etsy Shop....which has been a significant blessing, but a lot of work. Up until today I've been working 12-16 hours a day! (only wish I was exaggerating)

Life is crazy as is....but just as I thought it was finally time to relax....but we had to have a car accident. I've never been in one before...but of course the one time in our life when it would be just horrible to have a car wreck....yeah it happened!

So Sunday we went up to visit Jacob's family (we hadn't seen them since Thanksgiving...so it was time). We tried to head back as early as possible as we knew that a storm was coming in. We left his parents house at about 7:30 pm and it took us about 30-40 minutes to make it to Rexburg (usually a 10-15 minute trip). We were going 45 mph on the highway due to slush and rain/snowy conditions. We pulled off on the North Rexburg exit and started our normal journey into town. We noticed the pickup infront of us was going really slow...and we understood we were going about 30 mph in a 50 mph zone. As we got closer to the pickup I realized that they were stopped but their brake lights weren't on. I yelled at Jacob to stop and he was already braking and then we slid (with 6 inches of slush on the road....it's hard not to)....it didn't take long to realize that we weren't going to stop in time. Jacob started to steer to the right of the pickup hoping that we would miss (I'm sooo glad he was driving because I would have steered to the left...as I was sooo worried about the canal ditch on the right side of the road.)

Well we barely tapped the pickup's back right bumper and felt the crunch of our fender and that was just enough to knock our sliding car right into the ditch. We rolled onto the passenger side of the car and it was quite the roll and drop as the canal was just as deep as our car is tall. I was super tense (Jacob says I was screaming at him....but I honestly don't remember, I just remember freaking out about the kids) I was pushing with my right arm against my door and pushing my right foot down as hard as I could (as if I was slamming on the brake) I really didn't want to roll into the ditch because I was afraid that there might be some water in it.

When the car finally stopped...Jacob turned off the engine (it was revving like mad) and he tried to open his door (as it was the top of the car now). It wouldn't open so he put the key back in and got the window down. Kaylie was in her booster behind the driver seat and she was just hanging there she had the upper strap on which she never does but ironically did this time. Aaron was on my side of the car and he had been asleep until we landed and he was just looking around like "why am I sideways?" Jacob helped me get out of my seat and he climbed in the back to get the kids. We passed both our kids out of the window to some guys that were helping us (it was a horrible, helpless feeling and I hope no one ever has to do this). I got out after the kids and picked Aaron up out of the snow that was up to the poor kid's knees....(he had no idea what was happening). Jacob got out of the car and then I could finally breathe. Then the paramedics pulled up and so did the fire department and police. They closed down the road and it was a mess. I can't explain the panic to you....but it was there. We are all fine...with the exception of myself, I couldn't feel it at the time but I had whip lash and had to go to the ER for x-rays and all that fun stuff. I'm a little sore...but just happy that it ended the way it did, as it could have been so much worse.

Our car shouldn't be totaled, oddly enough the only damage was the crashed drivers side fender and headlight and the car has no damage from landing on the side other than a broken mirror. The truck we hit only had a piece of their tail light broken and that was it! Moral of the story...always wear your seat belts! Don't panic.... Insurance is not a waste! And Never say Never.... unfortunately it can happen to anyone!

I hope to get some pictures up soon!