Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Halloween 2010!

We were the Wizard of Oz for Halloween. Jacob was The Wizard of Oz (his costume happened literally about 5 minutes before trick or treating.) I was Glinda the Good Witch (even though every little girl that saw me thought I was a "beautiful princess". Aaron was the Cowardly Lion...I think the more appropriate word for him would be "Board to Tears Lion". He got sick of trick or treating and being dressed up pretty quick.
And Kaylie was Dorthy...and she loved every minute of this Halloween...she really thought we were the most awesome family on the block!
~Trick or Treating was Perfect....yes perfect in Rexburg!!! We didn't need coats...it's a first!
Aaron and his Aunt! ~In case you were wondering....no I did not make the costumes (Jacob made his). But other than that we got all the costumes on Ebay and Etsy for a steal! And I've been so busy I wouldn't have had the time to even think about making costumes!
The beginning of Kaylie's week long sugar high.....oh joy.....
Super Girl and Dorthy...aka....Brynnlee and Kaylie posing for the camera.
The Whole Clan on Halloween Night! What Fun!!!


Rachel said...

Such a cute idea! There was a family in our ward who also did the Wizard of Oz theme, complete with the scarecrow, tin man, etc. (They have 5 kids). It's good to see another post from you guys!

Hey--we don't live in the 'Nati anymore, did you hear? We've moved to St. Louis for Jesse's residency!

Did Kaylie cut her bangs? ;)

Andrea said...

I love your costumes!! I always like doing a family theme, but it just didn't work out this year. You guys looked great!