Saturday, April 10, 2010

~Custom Tutus~ Friends and Family Discount!~

So Tutus have been my latest thing!
~And To All My Friends and Family I'm offering a huge discount on your custom Tutu. You pick the color, size, pattern and length! All Tutus come with a free matching Hair Clip.~
~Just contact me, leave a comment or visit my shop if you are interested

~I'll give it to you super cheap I don't want to advertise it!~

This one is my favorite....Neapolitan Fairy Tutu, it's pink, brown and cream with a Brown Satin Ribbon Bow and matching Hair Clip (you pick bow or flower.) This one is about 12" long and super fluffy all my tutus have over 100 yards of tulle, because the fluffier the better!

Lavender Fairy Tutu, solid colors available (in just about every color).
Watermelon Pixie Tutu, Bright Pink and lime Green with a Bright Pink Satin Ribbon Bow. And matching Hair Clip too!
~Tutus are great for photography, I had way too much fun taking these photos!
~Great for Birthdays, Dance Class, Parties or just hours of twirling!
~Again all my Friends and Family get a huge discount....just contact me or visit my shop! Thanks for all your support! =)


Skyler and Aubrey said...

Puff! Those tutus are the cutest things I have ever seen! I'm just about ready to place an order for some bows because I love them so much (and the felt flowers!). Aren't you here in Rexburg? I'd love to see some of them sometime. Can most of them be put onto headbands since I'm sure my baby will not have the beautiful head of hair your's seems to have :) Hope you're doing well!

Ultimatetrailbike said...

Hey! Those are very cute! I am amazed by your creativity. I would be interested in a little tutu for Kylee. She is almost a year now. Let me know how much they would cost and I can probably add them to the two pillows.