Monday, May 31, 2010

One Crazy Week!

Last week was a Super fun week because Kaylie and Aaron's cousins came up from Colorado, for Steven's Graduation! (Can't believe he's that old already).
~They had one loaded week of fun and playing!
~On Friday we went to the Zoo! Even though it was raining like crazy the clouds parted and the sun came out just in time for our visit. It was perfect! All the animals were out and about!
~Here's Kaylie by the flamingos....she decided that they were definitely her favorites! (Of course that's a given because she loves Barbie).
Here's Kaylie, Aaron and Katelyn sitting on the was funny because coming around the corner my dad jumped because he thought it was real!
Kaylie finally got brave enough to take a drink out of the lion's only took 3 Zoo Trips!
Kaylie and "Woo-see" (Lucy) riding the Lion!
I was so excited to get this picture! These two kept starting up lil fights with each other, and I waited by their cage forever to get this picture!
They were obviously getting hungry!
This Lion was HUGE!!!! Pictures just never do lions justice....they are so majestic!
Cute Baby Zebra and mom!
Tiger, out enjoying the sunshine for the first time in.....what seems like forever (what is the deal with all this rain???)
Congrats Steven! Here he is walking! Pictures are so impossible at graduations....aren't they?
Ohhh, look at the new Grad....he couldn't care less (although I'm sure he's glad it's over!)

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Brent & Ashlie Eborn said...

It was so good to see you at graduation! Crazy how time flies huh? You're kids are so darling and you of course look great!! Before you know it we'll be at our 20 year reunion...oh geez-can't wait!! ;)