Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Things Kids Say...

So my kid needs to be the next spokesperson for Geico, and here is why.
Kaylie loves Geico, she loves their commercials. We were up in Idaho (like a month ago), and during Conference she turned to us and as clear as day she said "It's the money you could be saving with Geico." It was so random, and every time she sees this picture she tells us we need Geico.

Here's some other hilarious things she has said recently:

"Green, yellow, red...that's amazing!"- Talking about the Traffic lights.
"Oh mommy, just look at your tummy...it's so big!" -Patting my tummy.
"Oh mom, I love your dress, it's cute." -Referring to my maternity top.
"Ants! Sick! Disgusting!" -Every time she sees an ant.
"That's outstanding!" -Randomly
"That's so awesome!"-Randomly
"Oh goodness!" -Whenever she can't get to something.
"Hum, now let me think." -Taps her lips with finger.
"Yes, of course!"-Every time she says yes.
"No, I think not."-Every time she says no.
"Mom, I just want something to eat." I ask her what she wants to eat (with her hands in the air) "Just something!"
"Ummm! This is pretty good!" -She'll say this at least a dozen times during a meal she likes.
"Daddy took the car to work again?...oh man!" -Shaking her head.
And another one of my favorites:
We were in the car driving to the store and Jacob drove over a big bump and she yelled "Holy Crap! What are you doing!?!"

One Determined Two Year Old

Kaylie has a thing about bikes, she loves them, and she wants one really bad. We went to the store the other day to look at them and they were ridiculously priced. She was devastated when we left the aisle with out one (seriously wish I had a picture of her puppy dogs eyes). I'm glad Jacob was with me because I think I would have given in and bought one.
She's been pretty much potty trained for the last couple months, but she still has the weekly accident, which has been a little annoying. So we've decided to make her work for her precious bike. We made a little chart to keep track of the days that she stays dry, and each day she does she gets to put a sticker on that day. I've told her that if she puts a sticker on everyday she gets a bike.
So, some of you are thinking...that's wonderful, why do I care? Well let me finish.
Yesterday, we went to visit Jacob's uncle's grave, and when we were leaving Kaylie told me that she needed to go potty. So I took her in the restrooms at Subway and she wouldn't go. Then at the park where we were eating she said she had to go, we ran back and forth looking for a restroom that was open and finally found one and she still wouldn't go. (She hates public restrooms). The whole time we were driving home to her aunt's house she was moaning in agony and saying potty, potty. When we finally got there Kaylie finally relieved herself...and man did she have to go. She had held it for about 2 1/2 hours when all was said and done. I was so proud of her, she really, really wants this bike. Wish we would have done this months ago.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Baby Bump

I've been putting this off (because I'm camera shy) but this is me preggo. I'm 28 1/2 weeks, and swelling up like crazy. You can't see the swelling but it's so bad I can't feel my fingers. I've decided summer pregnancies are tough. It's amazing how different this pregnancy is from my last one. I'm a little frustrated with this one because I'm so achy, and the baby is so small that the Dr. keeps pushing back my due date and I'm afraid that I'll be pregnant forever. But we're super excited for this little addition to our family.

Another Car Show....yay!!!

Our first date was a Car Show, so I knew way in advance what I was getting into before we got married. It's kind of an un-said tradition in our family to go to Car Shows a few times a year. Kaylie loves them because she's brainwashed and Jacob just love cars, I like the cars, but more than anything I just enjoy an excuse to get out of the house.
A Tribute to the family business...a really cool restored hearse. (Awful picture, I know, try taking pictures of cars at a super crowded car show). Anyways, for those of you who know nothing about hearses, this one is pretty rare.

I had to take a picture of this license plate because I loved "The Friendly State". Why you ask? Well, I (personal opinion, no hate mail please) would not describe the majority of Utah drivers as such...so it's a little ironic.

Cool old truck with flames on it.

Kaylie and dad drooling over all the cars. Not such a great picture of them because I was given the strict instructions of taking pictures of certain cars. But this works as proof we were there.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Playing Catch

There is no one in this world that Kaylie loves more than her Daddy, she is very much a Daddy's girl. She waited all day for Dad to get home and play catch with her, because she got a mit, ball and bat today. Here she is throwing the ball to Dad.
Waiting to catch the ball.

When ever she'd get the ball she'd usually forget to throw it back to Dad and she's run it back repeating, "I got it, I got it!"
Running after Daddy's fly ball.
I just thought this was cute with her sitting like this cuz this is how Jacob and I met, on a softball team, he was the pitcher and I was the catcher.
She hit the ball, yay!!! A little high, yes, but you gotta start somewhere.
Daddy helping her get the hang of it. What can I say, were starting her young.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Definately a Boy!

Everyone keeps asking what we're having and I want everyone to know that is very much a boy. The first ultrasound that I had at 18 weeks, the little guy kept crossing his legs so we were guessing that it was a boy. But the last ultrasound about three weeks ago we found out that it is most definitely a boy....really no question about it. I'd love to post the ultrasounds because they're hilarious, but I don't have a scanner. And I'll post a picture of myself and my baby bump (even though I don't want to) as soon as i can get Jacob to take a picture of me...for all of you crazy's out there who want to see how huge I am.
P.S. If anyone has any suggestions on cute boy names...they would be much appreciated, because I'm 6 1/2 months and we have no idea what to name this kid.

Update: Not a good time to get the flu.

So, I don't know about all of you, but I've been a little more than just paranoid about this whole Swine Flu business. Maybe it's because I'm pregnant, or because Kaylie is one of those kids that seems to catch everything out there, or perhaps it could be because the media (like everything else) has blown this whole thing out of proportion.
Anyhow, last Thursday I decided to go and buy some masks and plenty of hand sanitizer just in case (and hand sanitizer is sold out everywhere, just so you know.) So on Friday I thought that I had everything under control until that evening when Kaylie got a fever. She was up all night and was burning up. So naturally, being myself, I freaked out, and after 3 days of being sick called her Doctor only to be told that she doesn't have all the symptoms and not to worry. So of course, it was nothing, just my luck that she got the flu around the same time.
Funny thing is that a lot of people are kind of afraid of us right now, no one wants to come over, they're real nice about it but keeping their distance. So I've been stuck at home for five days with a sick kid...and such is life.
Even if the bug she has isn't the "Swine Flu" I sure hope that no one gets whatever she has...it's just awful!

Who doesn't Love The Reader's Digest?

The other day Kaylie was bored enough that she pulled out The Reader's Digest for a good read. Here she's literally reading to Clifford.
Must be some pretty good stories in this months issue, she read it for about a half hour to me too.

Easter Morning

Yes, I know Easter was almost a month ago , but I figured it's better to post them late rather than not at all. This is Kaylie Easter morning in her Easter dress. Gotta love that she was not in a smiley mood that morning.
Rollin' up her sleeves, because it's way too big. And perhaps the reason that she wasn't very posy was because I spent a lot of time doing her hair.

Gathering eggs on Easter morning was so funny, because when she got up and saw all the eggs she said "Wow! Eggs are everywhere....it's so messy." And the whole time she was picking them up she sang the clean up song.

Just a little excited about the eggs on the couch, she'll use any excuse to jump on the furniture.
Just picking up the eggs that the Easter Bunny left! Two is such a fun age!