Saturday, November 8, 2008

Just Packing

Just packing lately, nothing really exciting, but Kaylie is such a big helper. I think it is so cute that she follows Jacob around and has to supervise everything he does. She such a daddy's girl.

Last Night Out with the Steven's

This Thursday was a bitter-sweet night, because it was the last time that we got to hang out with our friends the Steven's (Justin and Deanna). We went to to the Museum and watched an Omni-Max film (which Kaylie was terrified of.) But we had fun.

In this picture Kaylie is on Justin's shoulders, she wouldn't look at the camera because she had to keep her eyes on Clifford the Big Red dog at all times.

The Museum is in the old Rail-road Terminal, it is a really neat building.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Halloween Night

This picture was taken after we got home, she had a sucker in her mouth the whole time. As you can see she was a pirate.

Her she is doing a little jig for us while in costume. Still with the sucker of course.
Shaylie and Bridger getting ready to go Trick or Treating. Bridger's doing the jig here.
Here they all are, Kaylie was too scared of Bridger's costume to look at the camera.
We had a blast trick or treating, it was so cute once Kaylie caught on. At every house she said "to-treat", "tank-too", and "bye-bye" while blowing kisses to everyone. She got so much candy that by the last few houses she was just dragging her bag up the porch, it was way too heavy.

More Halloween Fun

Kaylie getting ready to head Trick or Treating.
Kaylie kept putting on Shaylie's costume, because she loves Pumpkins, she was wearing this costume almost the whole time we were at Tracie and Steve's House.

Can you see the scratch under her right eye? Yeah, Jacob had her on his shoulders while we were Trick or Treating and he walked under a tree branch and it scratched her up pretty good, everyone thought she was attacked by a cat. She never cried though.
Checking out the goods in Shaylie's stash.

I always wear creepy eyelashes on Halloween (you can't really see them.) Kaylie won't smile lately...oh well.

Pumpkin Carving!!!

For Family Night we carved a pumpkin. Kaylie helped her dad pick it out, then we brought it home and carved it. Kaylie wanted the face to look like a little ghost that my mom sent her for Halloween, so we did the same face on it.

The picture is a little dark, but here's our pumpkin.

Kaylie was kind of creeped out by the pumpkin while I was carving it. This is the most contact she had with the pumpkin the entire time.

She was really grossed out here, she kept saying "yucky" over and over again.

Trunk or Treat

On Saturday, October 25th our ward had a Halloween Carnival and a Trunk or Treat. Kaylie was actually really sick, but we still went and she had a blast. These are her two best friends Jeana (on the left) and Abby (on the right.)

P.S. Gotta love the camera and hand in the lower left hand corner....whoops!