Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Update: Not a good time to get the flu.

So, I don't know about all of you, but I've been a little more than just paranoid about this whole Swine Flu business. Maybe it's because I'm pregnant, or because Kaylie is one of those kids that seems to catch everything out there, or perhaps it could be because the media (like everything else) has blown this whole thing out of proportion.
Anyhow, last Thursday I decided to go and buy some masks and plenty of hand sanitizer just in case (and hand sanitizer is sold out everywhere, just so you know.) So on Friday I thought that I had everything under control until that evening when Kaylie got a fever. She was up all night and was burning up. So naturally, being myself, I freaked out, and after 3 days of being sick called her Doctor only to be told that she doesn't have all the symptoms and not to worry. So of course, it was nothing, just my luck that she got the flu around the same time.
Funny thing is that a lot of people are kind of afraid of us right now, no one wants to come over, they're real nice about it but keeping their distance. So I've been stuck at home for five days with a sick kid...and such is life.
Even if the bug she has isn't the "Swine Flu" I sure hope that no one gets whatever she's just awful!

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