Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Things Kids Say...

So my kid needs to be the next spokesperson for Geico, and here is why.
Kaylie loves Geico, she loves their commercials. We were up in Idaho (like a month ago), and during Conference she turned to us and as clear as day she said "It's the money you could be saving with Geico." It was so random, and every time she sees this picture she tells us we need Geico.

Here's some other hilarious things she has said recently:

"Green, yellow, red...that's amazing!"- Talking about the Traffic lights.
"Oh mommy, just look at your tummy...it's so big!" -Patting my tummy.
"Oh mom, I love your dress, it's cute." -Referring to my maternity top.
"Ants! Sick! Disgusting!" -Every time she sees an ant.
"That's outstanding!" -Randomly
"That's so awesome!"-Randomly
"Oh goodness!" -Whenever she can't get to something.
"Hum, now let me think." -Taps her lips with finger.
"Yes, of course!"-Every time she says yes.
"No, I think not."-Every time she says no.
"Mom, I just want something to eat." I ask her what she wants to eat (with her hands in the air) "Just something!"
"Ummm! This is pretty good!" -She'll say this at least a dozen times during a meal she likes.
"Daddy took the car to work again?...oh man!" -Shaking her head.
And another one of my favorites:
We were in the car driving to the store and Jacob drove over a big bump and she yelled "Holy Crap! What are you doing!?!"


Andrew and Rachel said...

We laughed so hard! Kids are so fun. Sounds like your little one has some big personality. =)

Rachel said...

Hahaha! Kaylie is funny. I like the thing she said about Geico and also when she said your tummy is so big!