Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Playing Catch

There is no one in this world that Kaylie loves more than her Daddy, she is very much a Daddy's girl. She waited all day for Dad to get home and play catch with her, because she got a mit, ball and bat today. Here she is throwing the ball to Dad.
Waiting to catch the ball.

When ever she'd get the ball she'd usually forget to throw it back to Dad and she's run it back repeating, "I got it, I got it!"
Running after Daddy's fly ball.
I just thought this was cute with her sitting like this cuz this is how Jacob and I met, on a softball team, he was the pitcher and I was the catcher.
She hit the ball, yay!!! A little high, yes, but you gotta start somewhere.
Daddy helping her get the hang of it. What can I say, were starting her young.



How Cute!! I love it when the girls are total daddy's girls. Tegan loves to play ball too, but i'm lame and haven't gotten him a mit yet!! He does have one of those T-ball sets and loves it! Maybe Kaylie would do good with one of those too!! She is just precious!

Brittany Rigby said...

Hey this is so cute! Where do you live? If you are in Utah you should let me know and we can hang out some time.

The Hammonds said...

Quite possibly the cutest post I have ever seen!!!

grant said...

Now you just need to teach her the famous Flamm Face first base dive, it's a classic and always pumped up our team when Jake would pull it out!