Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Definately a Boy!

Everyone keeps asking what we're having and I want everyone to know that is very much a boy. The first ultrasound that I had at 18 weeks, the little guy kept crossing his legs so we were guessing that it was a boy. But the last ultrasound about three weeks ago we found out that it is most definitely a boy....really no question about it. I'd love to post the ultrasounds because they're hilarious, but I don't have a scanner. And I'll post a picture of myself and my baby bump (even though I don't want to) as soon as i can get Jacob to take a picture of me...for all of you crazy's out there who want to see how huge I am.
P.S. If anyone has any suggestions on cute boy names...they would be much appreciated, because I'm 6 1/2 months and we have no idea what to name this kid.


Jeremy and Genevieve said...

congrats on a boy! that is so exciting!! :)

Ashley said...

congrats! it will be so fun to have a boy and a girl! my husband is hoping for a boy...and if it is then the name will be stone (i hate it but my husband is adamant and won't budge). but here are some ideas for some cute (normal) boy names: gavin, aiden, cooper, carter, carson, jaxson....those are just a few that i love. good luck hun! and can't wait to see the belly shots

Rachel said...

Hey, you can post pix of the ultrasound without a scanner! All you have to do is take a digital picture of the picture (that's what we did). Congrats on the boy! Do you have any name suggestions for us? We don't know the gender yet, but we're also in a pickle!