Sunday, May 24, 2009

Another Car Show....yay!!!

Our first date was a Car Show, so I knew way in advance what I was getting into before we got married. It's kind of an un-said tradition in our family to go to Car Shows a few times a year. Kaylie loves them because she's brainwashed and Jacob just love cars, I like the cars, but more than anything I just enjoy an excuse to get out of the house.
A Tribute to the family business...a really cool restored hearse. (Awful picture, I know, try taking pictures of cars at a super crowded car show). Anyways, for those of you who know nothing about hearses, this one is pretty rare.

I had to take a picture of this license plate because I loved "The Friendly State". Why you ask? Well, I (personal opinion, no hate mail please) would not describe the majority of Utah drivers as it's a little ironic.

Cool old truck with flames on it.

Kaylie and dad drooling over all the cars. Not such a great picture of them because I was given the strict instructions of taking pictures of certain cars. But this works as proof we were there.

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Rachel said...

Ha ha! I've never heard that as a Utah label: "The Friendly State". That's funny what you said about Utah drivers too. :)