Monday, September 1, 2008

Labor Day Fun

To celebrate Labor Day we all went to Winton Woods Park so that we could just have some family fun. We brought lots of bread to feed the ducks (which come to find out we're not suppose to feed the duck....whoops...and shhhhh!) But we fed the ducks any way. There was about a dozen ducks to start out with but then we ran out of bread because all the ducks at the lake started coming to get some. The funny thing is there were all kinds of different ducks and one lone goose (who was really mean to all the ducks.) In this picture Kaylie is waiting for some bread to give the ducks.

Here she is getting a lesson from Dad on how to throw the bread to the ducks. It was cute because every time she threw it to the ducks she would just giggle and giggle. She had an absolute blast.
Once we ran out of bread we started to walk down the lakeside and the ducks followed us, Kaylie really wanted to keep feeding them so I dug through the diaper bag and found some Cheese-Its, the ducks loved them so much that they started flying on the walk way and walking up to us to get as much as possible.

It was a super hot day today, it was 95 degrees with a lot of humidity so Jacob and I really wanted to go home but Kaylie had to stay and play on the slide. I don't understand why kids insist on climbing up the slide, its a lot easier to take the stairs. She got plowed over by a 6 yr old boy who went down the slide backwards, the boy felt awful but she was fine.
So for about 20 minutes in the heat of the day she climbed up and slid down, over and over again.

Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end so when it was time to go dad took her off the slide and had to chase her around the playground to get her in her stroller so that we could go home. Kaylie thought the chasing game was pretty fun, as for dad, not so much.

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