Thursday, September 18, 2008

Jacob's Graduation

So Jacob's Graduation was actually almost a week ago, it was last Saturday. I had intended to get everything posted on Sunday but obviously that didn't happen. But I have a good excuse, on Sunday we were hit with the ruminants of Hurricane Ike, (yes we were hit by a hurricane here in Cincinnati) luckily it was only a category one when it hit us. So we had 75-80 mph winds and it knocked our power out for 4 days, approximately 80 hours, and it wasn't fun at all. I thought I'd gotten pictures of the storm but apparently not, but I do have video that I'm trying to get posted. The storm was crazy it was making our sliding door bow in with every gust and I thought for sure it would break. Shingles were ripped off our roof, but some people had parts of their roof ripped off. Huge trees were uprooted (were talking 80 ft tall and 3 ft in diameter.) Screen doors were ripped off, shutters were ripped off buildings and even some of the siding ripped off our building. It was intense, but it could have been much worse.

Anyhow, back to Jacob's Graduation. In the top picture he's receiving his diploma (sorry the pictures are really dark, I lightened them up as much as I could.) It's really hard to explain that he's had his graduation, but we're not done quite yet, he still has one more quarter to finish before we can move back out west.
In this photo, Jacob is receiving a Restorative Art Award. For some of his classes they had to construct heads out of wax and Jacob picked Gene Wilder, he did an awesome job and it really looks just like him. He totally deserved this award. (I'll post a picture of it later.)
Here's Jacob and Kaylie. Of course she's not smiling, by this point she had had it. Graduations are not by any means kid friendly. It was funny because when Jacob got up to walk she just cried because she wanted to go up and be on stage with him, so she was happy when it was all over and she could be with dad.

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