Monday, September 8, 2008

Coney Island

On Saturday we got to go to Coney Island which is a small amusement park mostly for little kids and we thought that Kaylie would love it. We went with our friends the Simpsons and we thought that we'd have a day of fun.
Jacob took Kaylie and she got on the train with her friend Abby Simpson and at first she looked like she would enjoy it and the first couple times going around in the train she did. She'd smile and wave at us.

But after a while, I guess she couldn't see us any more and she got paranoid and then she lost it. Kaylie spent about half the ride in tears, and poor Abby was trying to console her the whole time. The thing that made it bad was that Jacob had to wait for the guy to come unlock her seat belt so he could get her out. So for a few minutes like you see her here, she just screamed for dad to pick her up.

So we thought that Kaylie would like to ride the carousel, she's been on one before and she liked it.

So here we are not even started, just sitting on the horse and she was fine. But once that carousel got going she lost it even more. I wish I had the camera on the ride with me, we put her on the back of the horse that her friend Abby was on right next to us and she held on to Abby for dear life and her face was that of shear tear, it was really funny.

At Coney Island they had this really cute miniature village, with a bunch of cute houses and stores. Here Kaylie is walking around with her friend Jeana Simpson.

Kaylie didn't do much other than walk in and out of the houses, but were glad that she enjoyed something about Coney Island.

I also took her on a huge slide and she really liked that but Jacob didn't get a picture of it, oh well!

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Katelyn and Matthew said...

You know it is hard to belive that she had a "fun" time on the carosel because she hated the spray park and started screaming the second you put her on the horse at the carosel. Oh well, I'm gonna go invade my teachers blog now...