Friday, June 3, 2011

Half Way There and we are Expecting???

~Oh how I hate this picture...and any pictures of my pregger self...but this was me at 20 weeks exactly (I'm even bigger now...just a week later). And yes I am super tired, between working all day long...(12 hours or more a day) and these two...keeping me up all soon as mom lays down it's a party in her tummy!

~I've been eating 5 meals a day and I was so happy to learn that I have gained 15 pounds! Yay! I was suppose to hit 20 by now...but hey for all the weight I lost in the first few VERY sick months...I'm pretty proud of myself! My goal is two healthy babies!
~Our Ultrasound showed there are still two very healthy...and active babies! Which is a huge relief for mom and dad....I always get nervous for prenatal check ups...but with is twice as there is so much that can go it is such a blessing to be healthy this far!

~And now the moment we've all been waiting for....genders! Kaylie has insisted even before the pregnancy that I would have a baby boy and girl at the same time...and our 16 week Ultrasound showed that Baby A might be a boy but we couldn't tell with Baby B due to the cord being in the way... so I was sure that Kaylie was right.
Baby A is??? ........... A GIRL!!!!
This little stinker had her fist down between her legs, so for the first part of the appointment I still thought it was a boy... then she moved her hand to prove she fooled us the first time!
Baby B is??? ......... A GIRL!!!!
~Kaylie was wrong! But she was super excited to hear she gets TWO baby sisters... and I guess that is what happens when you've got a 3 yr old praying day and night for a baby get two...whether mom and dad are trying to have a baby or not! This one took forever to get a shot of her profile (she was moving all over the place)...and here she is pushing her face up to the lining between the two sacs...I guess she's trying to get a look at her sister.
~I was a little sad that it wasn't a boy and a I had my heart set on it, but we were excited to hear that there is a small possibility that these two could be identical... depending on if they were originally one egg and split super early in the developing I guess we will see!


Meagan Cooper said...

AHHHHH!!! that is so exciting! It must be something in the water around here, lots of baby girls! Congrats on 2 healthy babies! you look so adorable by the way! I think I have already gained 15 pounds, and I am only having one...

Genevieve said...

yay for 2 healthy girls and a healthy mama!! 2 girls will be so fun- we've always wanted twins :) and you look great! and very exciting about the people thing with your pillow- wow!!

ashley said...

congrats! how fun!

Summer Mortensen said...

Oh wow are you going to be super busy with female hormones! ;) Just kidding, how exciting for two healthy babies! And i think you look fabulous at 20 weeks, still so tiny for two babies being in there! (even though you don't like the picture)

Rachel said...

Krista, you look great! And if I saw you I'd never even know you were having twins, your belly looks just normal for a pregnant woman! :)

Congrats on two beautiful girls. What wonderfully done profile ultrasound pics!

Bear World looks like a lot of fun. Maybe we can go there someday too.

Katy said...

yeah! Congrats on 2 girls. They told us ours were identical from the first ultrasound so we knew either two boys or two girls, but part of us still hoped that they were maybe wrong and it would be a boy and girl. Haha! I wonder if a lot of twin moms want boy/girl twins to begin with...Congrats again.

P.S. You look AWESOME! Seriously, you do!