Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Dance Recital

Yesterday was Kaylie's Dance Recital and believe it or not this was the most calm part of our day yesterday! Why is it that everything that can go wrong, always has to happen at the worst possible time?

~Long story short....I got to bed late the night before (working of course). Then Aaron kept me up until 3 am. And Kaylie woke me up around 4 am complaining about the glow in the dark stars on her ceiling...she wanted me to turn them off. Well turns out the power went out and her night light went off and she really wanted me to turn it back on. The next morning the power was still out, and I got to have the wonderful experience of being the first person to report the outage... I never knew it could be such a pain to convince the power company that my power was really out. To make matters worse... it took them about 6 hours to get it back on after I had finally convinced them it was out. So... no work got done, and it was a huge rush when it came back on to shower, get ready and get Kaylie ready for her recital... all because I didn't want to rush her.... she just doesn't do well when being pushed.

~But all turned out just in time for her recital...and she sure looked cute...not to mention she loves getting her hair done and the makeup! This is why I love having a girl... to doll her up! And yes.... it is all her natural hair....(I was only asked a dozen times last night). She gets the curse from me!
~Started out so cute... which makes me so happy after a whole year of dance lessons and her cooperating only about 50% of the time.
~This was her favorite dance..."Locomotion" (Train dance) and so she was pretty excited to show off her skills....she's a definite ham.
Cute train part.
~All until....her tap shoe came untied....and then she spent the rest of the dance trying to tie it and dance at the same time (this happened a few times in rehearsals...and I just told her to keep on dancing and pretend it was tied). Everyone was laughing so hard....I'm just glad she didn't burst into tears about it (she usually would) but she was a super good sport and at least she took my advice and finished the dance. The poor girl next to her in the sweatshirt cried the whole it didn't make me feel so bad. But after the recital several people came up to me and told me how cute it was that she was trying to tie her shoe.
~Award time! She did her best for a balloon, cardboard crown and a laffy taffy. Hey whatever keeps them motivated!
~Cheesy Girl! I'm so proud of her...and I can't believe she is getting so big so fast!


Meagan Cooper said...

who is her teacher??? Sadie is dying to do dance next year, let me know! Your hair "curse" is gorgeous... I would kill for hair like yours!

Jessica or Nate said...

Hey are you guys in Rexburg? Where does she take Dance?? Maya has been begging for dance lessons.. :) I may just have to give in, cause they are too cute in these pictures!! Lets get together sometime! PS I really LOVE your white and bright green flower pillow!

Jacob and Krista Flamm said...

She takes from Cindy McHouston it is called Cindy's Dance Expressions I believe...I will get you guys the phone number. She won't start until September...but I highly recommend her because the dances are very clean!