Friday, June 3, 2011

Bear World

Life has been super busy (especially this last week with the People Magazine's been CRAZY!!!) But with family up for the weekend we decided to spend the afternoon at Bear's literally a 10 minute drive from us, and we've never been there, but it was well worth the afternoon off, to spend time with family and our kids. Here we are in front of what I nicknamed the "Oprah Bear" no offense to just really looks her.
Kaylie striking a pose for the camera with a Bear Mask on! She's such a ham!
These are Triplet Baby Bears....(I'm fasinated with multiples right now).
Cute Story Here in this picture above:
This lil guy came up the the electric fence (as you see in the picture) and started to bite it...and it shocked him. You could hear the shock and see a spark, and this picture was right after he got shocked. He sat back on his bum, put his head down and literally sobbed! We sat and watched his shrugs and cries for a few minutes...I wanted to pick him up and give the poor lil guy a hug!
I think he felt my sympathy for him...I was about to cry for him. These triplets were so cute...I wanted to take one home even though they are a little bigger than Aaron.
This Picture only took about 20 tries...just to get Aaron to look through the hole.
Aaron, being true to his hunky self was taking time to hit on a cute lil girl about his age...
Taking his shades off to get a better look at this cutie... he is such a ladies man!
Cute lil fawn....we called him Bambi! He was so tiny!
Yes, they have rides....and this one being a car ride was a hit for Aaron.... he waited forever to ride it and of course we had to ride it at least 3 times. I can't tell you how much this lil boy loves cars, and this ride made his day!
Kaylie is such a dare devil, her cousin Brynnlee (to the left of Kaylie)was amazed at how gutsy she was.
We got to drive through the park twice, and the second time was much better. The first time was all the bears and animals were asleep. But the second time was great because the park was about to close all the bears were out waiting to be fed. This Black Bear was taking an afternoon swim and it was super fun to watch him play with and try to float on this log.
And there were tons of them....we counted at least 30 bears!
Here are a few wolves...such pretty animals!
And yes...for all those of you who have always wondered...Bear World does kind of have a "Jurassic Park" feel to it, with all the gates and electric fences. Well worth the stop especially if you miss any animals in Yellowstone!

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