Wednesday, January 20, 2010

We've got BedBuggs!!!

After a lot of back pain during pregnancy, random stomach pains, and just moving back to freezing Idaho, one of my favorite things has been my rice pack. I use it for everything including to help warm up Aaron's bed before I lay him down at night....cause who likes cold sheets? After fighting over this one rice pack with my family I decided not only to make more, but to make them much cuter. So I created BedBuggs, but these ones only bite pain and the cold.
The BedBuggs themselves are just decorative covers for the rice packs. But they are made out of flannel so they actually help the rice pack stay warmer longer. I just remove the rice pack to put it in the microwave (or freezer) so that the BedBugg doesn't get dirty because I'll be the first to admit that I don't have the cleanest microwave on the planet.

Scarab the Beetle. (I didn't intent for him to look Egyptian, he just does.)
Swat the Fly. He was actually my first creation...simple but fun.
Lady. Obviously a ladybug.
Bitsy the Spider. My personal favorite, even though I hate spiders.
And Bizzee the Bee. I accidentally put his stripes on backwards but it works.
-These will be Birthday Presents, or Valentines, just because it is the gift that keeps on giving.
-So what do you think? I'm currently in the process of trying to sell these cuties online. (Hopefully I'll have a link soon.)
-What do you think is a reasonable price?
-I want you to be honest, and if you have any suggestions let me know!


markandjenny said...

Totally cute Krista! You are so darn creative. What a great idea and such a fun name. I think they will sell really well! For price, you are on your own. I have no idea, but you have a great product so price it confidently:)

Aleisha said...

What's the cost of making them? I'd take that info then double it, or possibly triple it if you want to account for your time also. They're really cute though, I couldn't tell from the pictures, but how big are they?

Kacie said...

Super cute! I love the idea! I don't know what price-Look online at like and see if there is anything similar and what price they have.

Skyler and Aubrey said... caught me...I'm knocked up. I'm feeling great though, just a little heart burn. I also have a little pot belly that I can't hide anymore, but that's exciting! This is a cute idea I wish that I could sew~

Steve and Tracie Jensen Family said...

Krista these are way cute! What a good idea, I would have never thought to warm up the crib before putting the baby in it!

So how much do they cost to make? Cause you would have to charge enough to make some money. All I know is I would buy one from ya.

Rachel said...

Krista, these are so cute! You are sure creative. How do you put them on the rice bag? Zipper? Velcro?

Rachel said...

Oh yeah--and I think you might have gotten the idea for the name from living in the 'Nati...seeing how there were so many bed bugs here!

Jennett said...

These little buggers are adorable and I think about the only bedbugs I would be okay with finding in my bed! The funny thing is before I read all the way to the bottom I thought they were so cute I was just going to comment that you should make them to sell...guess you were a few steps ahead! Anyhow, it is hard to say a real amount, but I guess you will just have to calculate your material costs and time and then throw in a few extra dollars to make it worth your while. I too am a fan of heat pads, and would love to be your first customer--so would my girls!

Brent & Ashlie Eborn said...

I think these are so adorable! What a great idea!