Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Welcome Home Elder Flamm!!!

This Last Friday Derek (Jacob's little brother) got home from his Mission (Geneva, Switzerland). And we were super excited to see him. Here's all his nieces and nephews awaiting his arrival.
Here he is, measuring up to Nathan who probably grew at least a foot while he was gone.

Kaylie couldn't wait to see Derek. Last time she saw him she was just 7 months old. For a whole week before he got back she was running up to random men in stores and stuff saying..."there's Derek". And once she finally met the "real" Derek she kept saying "I love Derek". She's such a goof.
Not the greatest picture. But here's Aaron with his Uncle Derek for the first time.
Derek, Brynnlee, Ethan, and Kaylie....my how time flies. But we are so proud of Derek and happy to have him back! Welcome Home!!!

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markandjenny said...

Your little guy totally looks like David! He is def more Fluckiger than Flamm!!