Tuesday, January 26, 2010

More On BedBuggs

-So as you can see off to the side, I started my own shop to sell these BedBuggs and hopefully some other things. I've actually dropped my prices a bit in hopes to sell some more, but for my friends I'll give you a much better deal if you want some at a discount just email me at mybedbuggs@gmail.com and I'll work with you. (I can use all the advertising I can get.)
-This is still a work in progress, figuring the whole Shop out and all. If you guys think the price is too high or you have any other suggestions I am more than open to them. (Seriously, I need all the help I can get here.)
-I am thinking about maybe adding scents to them, but that will raise the price quite a bit and the scents have a tendency to fade fairly quick so I'm not sure it'll be worth it, but again let me know what you think.
-Oh yeah, these are 10'' in diameter, and the BedBuggs themselves are removable (like a pillow sham) so they don't get icky in the microwave (because I'll be the first to admit that my microwave isn't always spotless.)
-I'm starting to make completely different things that will come shortly, but if you have any ideas of items to sell let me know.
-Thanks for all your input...you guys are awesome!!!


Becky said...

From one Etsy seller to another....
If you fill out all the info in your profile section and selling policies, I think that will help. People tend to be scared to buy from you if you don't have a return policy or shipping policies etc.
Good luck!

The Hammonds said...

Here's my idea, you should sell the rice packs separate, and then the covers separate. So you could sell the rice insert for like $10, and then the covers for like $5 a piece. That would make the buyer think that they are getting a better deal, even though they really aren't. That, and they could get one cover for their boys, and one for their girls, and trade them out as needed.