Friday, September 11, 2009

One Crazy Month

It's crazy how fast this little guy's first month has gone. "He's one month already", is all I keep telling myself. It's been an absolute blur (especially with no sleep). And it hasn't been a picnic by any means either. It's a dang good thing that their cute though.
He started smiling at only 3 weeks, but we haven't been able to catch it with the camera yet, he's just coming out of one here.

Aaron loves bath time, he really hates it when it's over.
Kept mom and dad up all night and can't seem to figure out why dad's not talkin' to him the next morning.
Here's a peek at his moody side...super content and cooing.

To super angry in seconds.
Aaron loves the pacifier. The only problem...keeping it in. We're trying to introduce the thumb but he's not real interested. Jacob staged this one, I thought it was pretty funny. But I now see why the pacifier packages come with warnings to not tie something around the baby's head to keep it is so tempting.
Kaylie's been super good with the whole baby thing, but some days I feel like nothing but a broken record...I'm always telling her "Kaylie get out of there you are just too big." Here she is "Busted" in the swing, but I repeat it with the car seat, the bouncer, the baby tub and so on. Oh well, it could be worse.
She's also had to be creative with all her free time. Here is her potty stool, it's now a boat and she calls out "all aboard!" To get all her stuffed animals in. Also, yesterday at lunch, she had talking chips, a mom chip, dad chip and baby chip...funny but at the same time I can't wait until things are a little more settled so she can have more mom and Kaylie time.


Rachel said...

Wow, sounds like having 2 kids is a real handful! I'm glad that usually they only come one at a time. Hope you guys get more sleep soon.

Steve and Tracie Jensen Family said...

I can't believe it already has been a MONTH... WOW that went so fast, he's starting to look bigger and getting some cheeks. So Cute!