Monday, September 28, 2009

One Fun Day

Last Saturday, we got to go with the Flamms and do the Step Out Diabetes walk. After the walk we got to go to the Zoo. Kaylie had a blast.
Grandpa got all the grand kids hats, but Kaylie didn't want a hat she wanted yet another stuffed animal. So she picked out this cute little giraffe. And she had to have mom take a picture of her with it. I swear it's stuffed animal number 35 for her.

Here's Aaron in his hat, it's a little big but he's growing so fast it'll fit him soon enough. Thanks Grandpa!
There was a super cute baby elephant there, he's only a few weeks old. He was Kaylie's Favorite.
It was hard to get a good picture because so many people were there.
Believe it or not Kaylie took this picture. She thought this "monkey" was really weird looking. She's still talking about him.
Measuring up.
Had to have mom do it too.
Striking a pose for the camera.

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The Hammonds said...

I LOVE those pictures of you and K by the monkey board. I can't believe she took the picture of the monkey, there is talent there. Any pictures Lucy tries to take are a little lacking.