Saturday, June 20, 2009

Vacation with the Stevens

Mesa Falls.
We had a blast this week because our good friends Justin and Deanna Stevens flew in from Cincinnati to see us for the week. So we took them up to Idaho to see their car and decided to go site seeing. First stop, Mesa Falls. (As you can see Deanna was my pregger buddy on this trip, she's due about the dame time I am, with a boy too.)

This is Tower Falls in Yellowstone, they'd never been to Yellowstone before.
A must-see for new comers, Old Faithful.
We saw a lot of Bison that day they were everywhere. Here are some cute little babies. Shortly after this they started to fight and mom came to break it up, it was cute. These Bison were so close to us that while we were taking pictures the adults were grunting at us for being too close to their babies....needless to say we didn't stay long.

This guy was as big as the car, and all by himself in the middle of nowhere. I also saw another Bison charge a group of girls, luckily they got out of the way but that was a little scary (I've been there a lot and never seen one actually charge.)

Cool picture that Justin took. They forgot their camera, good thing we had ours. In Yellowstone a camera is a must have.

This is our favorite Waterfall in Yellowstone, isn't it pretty? It was our last stop in the park. It is huge...and the pictures just don't do it justice.

If I look a little sick in this picture, it's because I was. I wouldn't recommend going to Yellowstone while eight months pregnant.
Deanna and Justin had a blast at Yellowstone, it was really fun to go with them.

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Rachel said...

Wow, Krista that looks fun! I remember Deanna told us they were going to Utah to visit you guys (I'm jealous!) But I didn't know they were going to Yellowstone with you too! You two pregger girls look fantastic! (And you look smaller than 8 months pregnant...I'm about the same size, and I'm 2 months behind you). :)

I have to say, it's funny what you said about not recommending Yellowstone to 8-month pregnant women, because we are going to be in Yellowstone when I am 7 months pregnant! He he...Jesse says maybe we can bring an oxygen tank for me to use while we're there. ;)