Saturday, June 20, 2009

My Big Kid, She did it!

Kaylie did it, she stayed dry for one whole month without any accidents. And it is a huge deal, any mom can understand that. We're so proud of her!
Here she is explaining her little sticker chart. She got to put one sticker on everyday that she stayed dry, and when everyday had a sticker she'd get her precious bike.
So the day she got her last sticker she got her bike, once she showed her chart to daddy, of course. I think she was a little bit in shock when she actually saw her bike.
It's been over a week and she is still way excited about her bike. She keeps asking other kids (an adults for that matter) if they stayed dry too! We're so proud of our Big Kid!

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Rachel said...

That's so funny, I can just imagine her saying to a random adult stranger: "Did you stay dry today too?" Kids say the darndest things!