Saturday, June 20, 2009

A day at Lagoon

Riding the Carousal, Kaylie use to be terrified of these but she loved it this time. Also I wouldn't recommend riding one while pregnant, it really made me sick.
The whole reason we went to Lagoon, was because Katelyn (my lil sis) had a dance competition there. And apparently none of the pictures of that turned out, here is the best one. They did a really good job though.
Riding on the boat ride with her cousin Lucy, it was fun because these two are the same age and they hardly ever get to see each other, they're so cute together.
Yeah, the not so cute thing about the boat ride was that Kaylie kept scooping up the water and drinking it, yuck! (She has a little obsession with water these days.) All the parents standing around were laughing at her while I was yelling at her not to drink the water. And no, she didn't get sick, thank goodness.
It was really rainy the day we went so we brought lots of umbrellas. And here she is driving Matthew (my lil bro) nuts with hers. Matthew is her absolute favorite person lately.
Riding the helicopter with Matthew and Lucy...these girls love helicopters.
Driving the car with Matthew, Kaylie is just like her dad, she loves to get behind the wheel.


Rachel said...

Ah, that brings back memories of my childhood and Lagoon. Miss that place!

The Hammonds said...

We had so much fun at Lagoon. I'm glad that Lucy and Kaylie got to hang, it was such a fun day.