Monday, June 1, 2009

Finally posted an ultrasound of Flamm Baby #2. (This was actually about a month ago.) Funny thing, he has almost exactly the same profile that Kaylie did. This was the best shot we got, this kid is constantly hiding his face with his arms or hands, and he's always on the move, which makes it hard for the Dr. to get almost any shot at all (must be camera shy).
Boy names are really tough, and it's been our challenge this whole pregnancy. But we're pretty much sure that his first name will be Aaron, just because it's the only one that seems to stick. Every other name will last only about a day before we lose interest. Now we only have to come up with a middle name (oh joy).
We're getting really excited for our little addition!


Jeremy and Genevieve said...

so fun! congrats again. thats so exciting!! what a handsome kid already! :)

Rachel said...

Hey Krista, we just found out we're having a boy too! That's funny what you say about it being hard to find a name. Same here. Except we think we have a middle name, just not a first name yet. That's a nice ultrasound pic. Did they do any 3D shots? Those are fun! Hope you're feeling well.

Summer Mortensen said...

Boy names are really hard, and i've had two of them!! I remember when we were preggo the first time i had so many girl names picked out and then of course, it had to be a boy!! It will come to you eventually, one day it will just pop in your head a ta da... you have a name!! Good luck picking one out!!