Thursday, February 2, 2012

4 Months

I can't believe that my babies are 4 months old already! It has gone by so fast yet so slow at the same time! I think that the best way to describe it all is that it is just like the movie Ground Hog Day... seriously... everything just happens over and over again. But thank goodness some days are better than others. It seems like the 4 month mark has been a definite improvement over months 2 and 3. The girls have found their thumbs or fists (I got over the pacifier runs so fast.) and they can sooth themselves to sleep, which makes life much easier. We are still working on naps but at least most nights are decent. My favorite thing of all... the smiles... they make my day!
At 4 months they weight 11 lbs and are still pretty tiny for their age... but they are right on target with everything else.
Miss Alyssa! She is my social baby, she loves faces, and wants to steal the show... but that also makes her my meanie greenie ... she gets very jealous whenever I tend to Lydia and it makes getting anything done a process to say the least.
Lil Lydia, is my curious, and on the move baby, and she is my drama queen anything bad that happens will happen to her and you will hear about it for a very long time. She is constantly studying everything around her and reaching for it. She can turn herself in a full circle on her back. She just loves company especially Alyssa's company... she is always reaching for Alyssa's hand.
Their favorite thing to do it play on their play mat together. Usually Lydia does all the playing while Alyssa just sucks her thumb and watches Lydia's skills.
Here they are after a good nap... Lydia turned herself all the way upside down without moving to either side... she does this all the time. I'm sure it won't be too long before we need to set up the other crib and separate these cuties.
And I can't leave Aaron out... every time I take pics of the twins he asks to have his picture taken too. Gotta love his messy face... he is definitely my lil stinker!