Thursday, January 19, 2012

Survival Mode and PreSchool!

Image two babies crying in your home for the majority of the day... everyday... and that, my friends is the reality of 2-3 month old twins. The first month was easy because they were born early and they slept all the time... but the second and third months were super tough just because these cuties refused to sleep during the days. And their protests made everyday mighty long... that is for sure!
Yep.... this is an unfortunate reality of twinfants!
Lot's of soothing... and plugs... because the crying was driving us insane!
At least they calm down pretty easy as long as they are being held. I always thought it was weird that when you ask twin moms how they got first few months they all say that they can't remember, they just did what they had to to survive, I am happy to hear that these awful memories sort of faded from their minds... because that means they were temporary. And thank goodness some days are better than others.
On the flip side... Kaylie started Pre-School Yesterday and she is in Heaven... this poor girl is so ready for school. She would stay all day everyday if they would let her. I can't believe my baby girl is almost 5!
Can't forget Aaron... and his McMissile car... he had to get in on the action!

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Brittany Alyse said...

Crying is no fun- but they are verry cute! Hope things start to get easier for you guys soon!