Sunday, January 1, 2012

Christmas and Colds

One of our Christmas traditions is to open new pajamas on Christmas Eve... so we went to JoJo's (my mom) house and opened them up with the whole family! Aaron was so excited to finally get the "okay" to actually open up a present, the little stinker kept sneaking off with gifts and trying to open them... but fortunately he never succeeded.
And he got Toy Story Pj's! He was so excited about that... he loves Woody!
Kaylie got Minnie Mouse Pj's.

Kaylie is finally to the age where she understands Christmas and Santa and she was getting to excited about it, and she was working Aaron over too so both kids were super wired on Christmas Eve and by the time they got home they literally ran to bed... and crashed... I mean they ALL fell asleep instantly, I can't express to you what a miracle that was... they were so excited for Santa to come.
Christmas Morning... I had to wake all the kids up... just before 8... so that we could get everything opened and ready in time for church. Aaron sat on Santa's lap just days before Christmas and asked Santa for a toy train set... and Santa brought it and set it up right in front of the tree for him... Aaron was so excited!
"Pop-Tarts... for Christmas?" No... inside was a dress for Kaylie... so there is a story behind this. When Jacob and I where first married I thought it was so weird that the Flamm's wrapped almost all their gifts in cereal, and food boxes. But as the years fly by I see the ingeniousness of it all... it is cheap and much more fun for the kids... (they even got some things in humidifier boxes... the confusion on their faces was priceless.) Best of all they don't know if they are getting clothes because nothing is in a shirt box... and it is the only way I can get Aaron to open his clothes up at all. ;)
Lydia and Alyssa on their first Christmas... and they had no idea what was going on. But they enjoyed all the comotion of the kids unwrapping their presents. What did they get??? Clothes and more clothes... that is all they need... other than diapers.
Kaylie's big gift was going to pre-school. This girl has been begging me forever to go to school. She is extremely social. I've been intentionally putting it off, because it is expensive and with the twins... not very practical to load all four kids in the car to take her and pick her up (remember Jacob barely drives any more.) But thanks to a good friend and hopefully a good schedule (crossed fingers) I will make it work. She didn't know about it at all until she got this letter... she's so excited to start in a couple weeks! I can't believe she's old enough... and in the fall she will be in kindergarten... where does time go?
Kaylie asked Santa for a Rapunzel Doll... and he brought it... funny thing is she looks just like her doll.
Alyssa and Lydia... just kicking around and watching the fun some more.
And with Christmas came the colds... in this picture Lydia and Alyssa are both sick, but Lydia got it much worse. You'd never know Alyssa was sick though... she just kept on smiling right through it even through a bad cough.
So just two days before Christmas Lydia got a fever of 101 and it made me super nervous so I took both girls in to Urgent Care... and the doctor made me mad. He told me they just had colds and NOT to give them any acetaminophen, even though they had fevers. Okay... he explained some new guideline on letting fevers burn off infections....okay... so I asked him what I should do if the fever got worse..."just take them to the E.R."... are you serious? The Urgent Care Dr told me to let my twins suffer through high fevers... not give them any medicine and if they got bad to go to the E.R? I DON'T THINK SO!!! No offense to these doctors and their dumb, constantly changing guidelines... but I really don't think a single one of them has ever actually had to live with a super sick infant, with a high fever, let a lone two of them. So I took them home and gave them Tylenol any way... sorry, as fun as a trip to the E.R. sounds... I don't think so.
Aaron with the cold and fever that started it all... exactly one week before Christmas. the poor kids got a fever of 102... and I felt so bad for him.
Kaylie and her first cold... yes, I said first... she has since gotten another cold from family and I'm sure her cold will cycle through the Flammily too. Oh how fun! ;)

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