Friday, November 4, 2011

One Spooktacular Halloween

This year Kaylie and Aaron were dinosaurs for Halloween. We would have done some family theme, Jacob and I were going to be Jurassic Park workers and the twins were going to be dinosaur hatch-lings, but we ran out of time. These costumes are awesome, my mom made them and I wore the pink one when I was Kaylie's age. The plus side is that they are big enough for coats underneath and they keep you nice and warm even in Idaho.

Kaylie striking a pose... like usual.
Aaron was impossible to get a good shot or two of, the darn kids won't hold still.
And we're off! The kids were sooo excited to go trick or treating... they've been talking about it for months.
Sugar high.... lasted for a few days until mom hid the candy and started to ration it out.
Pumpkin carving, basically last minute pumpkin carving that is... I kind of thought that Halloween was on Tuesday (the next day) until we visited family and they straightened me out... I don't know what the deal with my brain is.
Our spooky porch... I'm sorry my "Sorry we're DEAD" sign is the coolest. Plus you've gotta love the witch that our house landed on top of and Jacob had to throw his Gene Wilder head in to spook things up. All in all it was one super fun Halloween.


Rachel said...

I love the dinosaur costumes! Definitely not super common these days and they were really cute! How fun that you wore the same costume too!

Your babies are so cute. Glad to hear they are doing well. It's good you wrote your feelings about not liking it when other people compare your twins...hopefully it will make me be more careful about what I say when I see twins in the future...

Tiff said...

I love the costumes! Your kids looked so cute for Halloween.