Sunday, October 30, 2011

One Month Already!!!

Left Lydia, Right Alyssa

~My girls are one month old already! Where did that time go? It has gone by too fast! These girls have been really good babies, they are pretty good sleepers (knock on wood) and we have only had a few restless nights... thank goodness. As I have been super busy not only with these two but Aaron has decided he is ready to be potty trained (of course) and he is doing really well, but it sure makes for a lot of running around.
Can you tell the difference? They are almost completely different. The most obvious difference is that Lydia (the poor girl) has less hair and is losing it daily, which makes me want to cry. Alyssa however isn't losing hair at all so it looks like one bald twin and one twin with tons of hair.
They are getting so chubby! A little over a week ago Lydia was 6 lbs 1 oz while Alyssa was 6 lbs 5 oz. I think that Lydia is bigger than Alyssa now though, but we kind of expected that as she has longer feet.
Don't you love the outfits? my grandma and aunt got us a bunch of super cute outfits and that is what these girls have been living in for the last month. Can't thank everyone enough for the clothes, blankets and oh yes DIAPERS!!! I go through over 20 diapers everyday.
~This picture shows how bald my poor Lydia is getting, unfortunately she has a receding hair line and I like to laugh about it (as I have always wanted a bald baby, don't ask I just have), but when people comment about it I find myself getting very defensive... she is beautiful to me and I really don't compare her to Alyssa, and that is a hard part about twins I never expected... that is that people compare the two (understandable, as they are in fact twins) but I have found some people favoring Alyssa slightly (as she is more laid back, while Lydia is more dramatic), and that is a sure way to make mommy mad. Keep this in mind if you bump into twins, please watch what you say, twin moms are particularly sensitive.

~You've got to love Alyssa's face in this picture... she is my face puller, she is always making the funniest faces.

Kaylie holding Alyssa, which she doesn't get too do a whole lot of just because I am such a schedule Nazi, and you would be too if you had twins. If I keep them on the schedule they are on they are very easy to manage, but if I slip... that means an all nighter for mom and dad. So Kaylie will take every minute she can get with each baby, and she has been such a good helper, I dont' know how I could live without her.
Kaylie and Lydia. Lydia was a little cranky and wanted to eat, it wasn't quite time yet and Kaylie insisted on holding her. And some how my four year old got her to fall right to sleep in just a few minutes. Kaylie loves every minute of her two baby "st-is-sters".


Brittany Alyse Voss said...

i love when you post!! I love the pictures! All of your children are equally adorable!

Summer Mortensen said...

Oh they are just beautiful!! I can't believe they are a month old already, its crazy (and also not fair) how fast the time goes by!! It looks like you've got one good little helper also, bless her heart!!