Sunday, November 20, 2011

Twins Blessing Day

Left: Alyssa, Right: Lydia

~So the girls were blessed two weeks ago today... yeah, I know, I'm a little behind, but I have a pretty good reason (or two). Jacob was really nervous, but he did a great job! A Great Big Thanks to all the family who showed up to support us, it means the world to us! So yeah... it's hard enough to get pictures on one baby let alone two very hungry we had to hurry!

~Here's Lydia... poor girl went through awful cradle cap all over her face and head, and lost most of her hair just before her blessing.... hence the giant flower headband. But she is one Beautiful Baby none the less!
~And here's Alyssa... and all her hair (which is still only about half the hair that Kaylie had). Such a cutie pie!
Left: Alyssa, Right: Lydia

~Gotta love my Beautiful Babies! They were both almost 6 weeks in these photos.... and my how those weeks flew by... but hey, time flies when you are having fun!


Steve and Tracie Jensen Family said...

Oh Krista... They are sooo cute! I'm so glad you posted these I've been waiting and waiting to see them. Keep them coming! I was going through a couple of things last week and stumbled across a picture of Kaylie's hospital picture and your right she had a TON of hair. I don't think any of you kids look like each other, it's so fun to see the differences.

Brittany Alyse Voss said...

They look so cute in their white dresses!