Saturday, December 5, 2009

Just because it's been a while...

I decided to post some new pictures just because it's been a while since I have. Here's Aaron and Kaylie hanging out with dad while he works on the computer. Notice Kaylie's dress, it's the second day in a row that she's worn it. She's really excited about Christmas and Santa Claus, she's at such a fun age.
Aaron's starting to sit's just crazy how fast he's growing, he'll be four months next week! He's quite the talker too, he woke up at midnight last night and talked for a half hour to himself, it's cute during the day but not so much at night.

Kaylie is such a ham. She just can't be left out of a photo.
Here she literally jumped in again....lovely. Sorry Aaron, I just don't think that we're going to have as many single photos of you as you'd like.
Just checking out dad's work, he's definitely a daddy's boy.

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grant said...

Man He's almost as big as Jake, and better looking. Hope you guys are doing well.