Wednesday, November 11, 2009

One Really Rough Day

This last Sunday Kaylie had one of her worst days ever. We were walking to church, and sort of in a hurry I might add, when she tripped and took a nose dive into the sidewalk. I looked up to see her face flat on the ground and her feet in the air. When we got her up her face was all scraped up and there was a ton of blood in her mouth. Being the paranoid mom that I am, I started to panic. Luckily Jacob was there too take over. He took her back in and got her all cleaned up. But these photos were taken after church.
And to top off her nose dive, she tripped in nursery and skinned her knee so bad that she limped for the next two days.

I love how miserable she looks. Poor kid has had one super rough week, she's been sick with just about everything. Sometimes life just isn't so fun.
Aaron on the other hand has been happy as can be, since we've discovered that he has acid-reflux and we've put him on meds. He's at such a fun stage, where he loves to bat at things and show off his skills. I still can't believe how fast they grow.


Rachel said...

So sad for Kaylie! :(

Andrea said...

oh, she looks so sad! I hate it when they get hurt, it makes me feel so bad!